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28 Jun 2018

I bought my car Holden astra from Ballan Holden I was very happy with the salesmen Alan , he was very friendly and and helpful , he had a good knowledge and answered all my questions . Great service

31 Oct 2016

Booked my car in for a simple service and the whole experience was nothing but painful. Poor customer service from the moment I called to make the booking to when I collected the car. I was treated like a moron by those working in the service department who obviously only care about making money and not the needs of the customer. Will not be doing any further business with them or recommending them to friends or family. Extremely disappointing.

30 Sep 2016

Absolutely terrible service. Must have thought i dont have the money. I knew more about their cars and deliveries than they did. Rude on 2 visits. Wont be visiting again

02 Aug 2011

great people.great deal where i got my new car from.i enquired all voer melbourne and they provided me the cheapest rate to buy a brand new holden cruze,excellent service.just love it.i recommend everyone to go and buy a new car if they are looking for a holden from ballan.you wont be disappointed

16 Aug 2008

I dealt with Robert McPherson in the fleet department and he offered me a champion of a deal on some Holden Epica's. He save our company thousands, what a top bloke! When I sent my wife in to handle the transaction he was very kind and attentive to all her needs.

09 Aug 2008

Being a Holden dealer i expected good honest service. These guys are cowboys! I booked my car in for a regular service and that night the car overheated. I went back the next day and they wanted to charge me another $480 to fix it. I'm a loyal customer of Ballan Holden (at least i was) but after speaking with my boss, i decided to get a 2nd opinion. Just as well!! It turned out that i had a loose hose and my now new mechanic didn't even charge me to fix it!!

Approximate cost: $320

ReecesCheckYaPieces 21 Feb 2013 · 0% Trust

Thumbs up to you for composing an honest review and for opting for the second opinion! Reeces

03 Jun 2008

Purchased a second hand vehicle, needed some minor issues looked at second hand department inform us that no way will the get there own service department to look at it, they got it fixed elsewhere, that should have warned us!!

First service since purchase thought we better get Holden to do it, I rang up and gave all the car details, age, model, k.m's and got a quote, booked it in and took it in on the day. That evening my husband picked up the car gets home and they charged him approx. 5 times the quote. I ring the manager and he says I must have given the wrong details for the quote, nothing they can do. I had NOT given the wrong details! After ringing the manager a few times he finally gave me less than 10% back.
Next service we get our trusted, brilliant, comes to home mechanic half way threw the service he comes and asks "who on earth did the last service?" They haven't changed the oil or spark plugs or anything! I will never get a car serviced there again.

ReecesCheckYaPieces 21 Feb 2013 · 0% Trust

Hi Meshel1969, thanks for a detailed and well written review. Are we correct in assuming that the quote was given via telephone and not in writing? If this was indeed the case, we strongly recommend that all (future) quotes are received in written form. We would also recommend lodging formal complaints against any mechanic who acts in such a manner, as this will give you the opportunity to gain compensation and (hopefully) act as a deterrent. Thanks for a great review! Reeces

04 Jan 2008

VISIT #1: Took my 99 Astra to Ballan Holden to ; (1) have a service done, and (2) have a fuel leak fixed (as the last few L of petol were being added it would pour out from underneath the car - this was from an area they insisted on "fixing" the previous visit). Walked out with a $3300 bill, mostly for items that my husband said were not needed to be upgraded for another year (4 tyres) or were not giving me signs of trouble (brakes, radiator) ... AND NO THEY DIDN'T EVEN LOOK AT THE FUEL LEAK PROBLEM !!! It is too easy as a woman to be persuaded to have unnecessary items replaced - especially when the hubby is away and not able to give expedient advice and the salesman is insistant. Amongst many other things, they convinced me that the radiator had to be replaced - so I let them ... at a price I knew would be higher than elsewhere, but I was "time-poor" at the time ... and you do assume that by going to an approved dealer that you get "quality" service.

VISIT #2: Within a week/two of visit #1 returned to Ballan after; (1) I realised that the car was over-heating within ~500 m of home (NEVER happened before, even befor the radiator was fixed), and (2) fuel was still peeing out from underneath the car at the service station - THEY HADN'T EVEN CHECKED THIS PROBLEM IN THE 1ST VISIT ! Durin visit #2 they fixed the fuel leak and replaced the thermostat. Should they have checked the thermostat when they replaced the radiator ? - I would have thought that this would have been reasonable. This visit cost me another $400.

... and after that visit I realised that the air-conditioner (cooling) did not work. I took the car to a specialist and he said that the gas was right, the system was integral (seals & valves OK) ... but maybe something needed to be reset in the computer (he has recently seen this issue in a few cases of this in Astra's the same age as mine). Because of my previous experinces with over-servicing and over-charging I am not taking it back to Ballan Holden just so they can charge me 100's of hard-earned dollars for 5 mins work. I did talk to Ballan service dept about the probelm but they couldn't believe that anything could be solved by doing anything with the computer. The air-cond expert has referred me to a local mechanic that can do the computer thing (even though he's not a Holden dealer) - I have to wait 3-6 weeks before I can get the car in (he's on hols and he is already heaviliy booked for 2008), but I would rather get him to do the job than give anymore money to Ballan.

Approximate cost: $4000

ReecesCheckYaPieces 21 Feb 2013 · 0% Trust

Hi Lisa, Thank you also for a brilliantly detailed and concise review. If these reviews are anything to go by then it is obvious that the afore-mentioned business has some major issues to deal with. It’s always beneficial to know the circumstances surrounding a ‘negative’ review and when the problems surrounding a business are repeated consecutively. How this business retains its ‘two’ star rating, we do not know! Hope your problems were eventually sorted out and that you have now relocated to a more honest and competent mechanic. Regards, Reeces

23 Oct 2007

Went here and found the stereo type sales person for cars. Arrogant, rude, dis-believing and wrong. Could possibly test drive the car. Totally ignored my wife.. Went to buy a car and left in a hurry to a competitor and bought a car the next day.

ReecesCheckYaPieces 23 Feb 2013 · 0% Trust

Hi Tri-Boy, thanks for sharing your experience. We wouldn’t mind betting that the business in question will be banging their heads after reading your review, as their deplorable attitude cost them a sale! Perhaps they will learn from their actions….or possibly not, if the other reviews are anything to go by. Reeces

11 Sep 2007

My partner and I have 2 holdens that we were taking here as we thought this would be our best option as they are the dealers and work with them all the time. Cost was exorbitant, service was average they didn't explain anything they had completed just refered me to the receipt and they took longer than expected and couldn't originally fit us in the day we booked.

ReecesCheckYaPieces 23 Feb 2013 · 0% Trust

Pleased to read another review from a member with a decent TrustFactor. Reeces

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