4 reviews about Barbarino's + Wong

25 Apr 2012

I love the curry laksa which is a yummy noodle and tofu dish. I go here regularly. Love the vegetarian options here. Nice place for a group get together. Great vibe about the place and staff are very knowledgeable on the food and area.

Approximate cost: $23

27 Jul 2009

This restaurant caters for all needs There's something for the Chinese cuisene lovers and then some for the meat lovers. The food was good and the service was great. They were able to easily adjust the menu to suit my needs (allergies). The price was good and was a great place to hold a party.

Approximate cost: $16

09 Mar 2009

This bistro caters very much for the St Kilda Rd office crowd so the service is sharp and fast. But that doesn't mean they skimp on quality. They have a very extensive menu, good serves and the food is great. I love the lamb grill and the chicken Caesar salad. They change the menu seasonally so you don't get bored with the menu.

Approximate cost: $19

12 Apr 2008

Barbarino's + Wong is truly a unique dining experience with a diverse menu which will be sure to satisfy anyone. On the one hand, there is an exceptionally delicious array of steaks and ribs while the flip side offers high quality Asian noodles and rice dishes.
The atmosphere is relaxed, and is especially suitable for large groups.
No matter what you do, be sure to get a serving of the ribs and the onion rings!

Approximate cost: $22

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