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31 Aug 2016

We actually used bark busters in south Yarra and had great success.
Our dog was having separation anxiety and has definitely made a great turn around! You do have to be committed to wanting to help also but definitely couldn't have done this without bark busters.

Approximate cost: $500

09 Nov 2014

I am tired of hearing so called experts try to explain everyone else's method and system of training dogs. I used Barkbusters and their experience is second to none . Results were immediate and then I maintained the training and my dog has learnt . I found out they have been training dogs for 25years and have awards and testimonials second to none . They explain everything from a dogs point of view and the techniques are based on this . My dog is a dog and so hence I can now communicate with her as a dog .
I have found many trainer base their training from a HUMAN perspective . get over it . Your dog is a dog and respect it as that .
The Barkbusters system follow this and I learnt a lot

Approximate cost: $440

13 Jun 2007

Questionable dog training method

We were at our wits end with our little Mini fox-terrier barking at anything that moved. We called Bark Busters because they guarantee their systems works. Essentially there system uses a combination of loud 'BAH' sounds and small bags with bolts in them that make a noise when you throw them. The idea is to pre-empt the dog barking and use these sounds to stop them. We did our best with the system but eventually gave up because getting out of bed in the middle of winter to run out in the backyard and throw a small bag on the ground was almost worse than the dog barking.

Approximate cost: $400

Sox 20 Jan 2008 · 100% Trust

It might be worth trying a positive reinforcement trainer to work with you and your dog. There are many reasons why dogs bark so it's better to address the problem rather than simply work on the symptom - bandaid solution.

garlicook 16 Mar 2010 · 90% Trust

Sounds like you REALLY have to be COMMITTED to use them. LOL

kerrieo 25 Jan 2011 · 100% Trust

Thanks for this review. In response to this and another review on WOMOW, we have decided against this method of training. K

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