7 reviews about Beaumaris Medical Centre

15 Jul 2020

Not sure I would recommend. Unfortunately, in my limited experience (3 interactions) with this practice, there's a definite sense it's run more like a business. On one occasion I felt there was some dishonesty in their charging.

12 Aug 2013

I've always felt rally rushed here. They are always running late. In fact I've walked out a couple of times due to how late they are running. The manner of some of the staff is pretty ordinary

25 Jun 2012

I started attending this clinic after moving to the area. I saw two other GP's in the Mentone area and received disgraceful service for an obvious problem. I called Beaumaris Medical Centre at 5pm, they gave me an appointment at 9am the following day with one of the loveliest Dr's I have ever come across. She took the time to listen to my problem. This Doctor eventually found the basis for all of my problems; a rare disease that no other Doctor over a 10yr period had discovered despite the obvious symptoms. They saved my life.

Recently I attended an appointment for what I thought would only need a course of antibiotics. I was immediately admitted to a hospital for emergency surgery and rather than me return to the hospital for daily treatment they are treating me at the medical centre with daily visits including Sundays which are all bulk billed.

I couldn't ask for a better level of service, care and attention.

Approximate cost: $35 - $65

14 Jan 2010

My family and i have attended this medical ctr for many years and have always felt that we are very well looked after and treated with the utmost professionalism.

07 Nov 2009

I've used this clinic for many years and can appreciate many of the comments of SDL and Algy. This very busy practice shares the load across 10 doctors and a variety of office staff so much depends on the individual you encounter. It can be difficult to get an immediate appt however being a long-time client, I find that they do their best to fit me in same day if required. The fact that they try to accommodate and prioritise the regular client base is one of the big positives for me. They also have some very skilled practitioners. I've experienced mostly high-level professional care but I've also had a few extremely poor quality consults. Consequently, I simply won't re-visit those individuals. As for my pet peeve of phone interruptions, that of an urgent nature is understood but when you've waited close to an hour to see someone and you're both distracted mid-consult by what sounds like something that could wait, it's a huge annoyance. Different if I've been squeezed in but hard to bear when you've scheduled in advance. I'm OK with a time limit but do feel it needs to be concentrated.

Approximate cost: $65 Standard Consult

28 Sep 2009

Having recently moved back into the area and needing a doctor, I decided to head back to the clinic that my parents had taken me to when I was younger.

I wish I hadn't.

As I'd had an illness that had been ongoing for a few weeks I wanted to avoid a bulk billing clinic. Also, with a child on the way, I figured that we'll soon be needing a regular doctor so Beaumaris Medical Centre would be the way to go Sadly, after my experience last week I won't be going back.

For my initial visit I paid $62 (it would have been more but I was luckily still on their books) to have a doctor stick a digital thermometer in my ear and order me to have a blood test at the adjoined Dorevich Pathology (the service there wasn't much better) that I had told her I had already had a few weeks earlier. One thing that didn't sit well this first visit was the clearly visible timer running on the doctor's computer. This hardly instilled in me a sense that my health was the clinic's primary concern.

Two days later I called to get my test results. You have to call yourself and they will only give your results during a specific hour in the afternoon. Well I was sick and sleeping and missed this window by 15 mins and was told that the nurse who gives results was now on lunch and I wouldn't be able to get my results until the following day. After explaining that as I was sick and wanted to get my results to know if there was anything seriously wrong, they grudgingly agreed to call me back... but only after I said that if they weren't able to make this one small concession that I doubted I'd ever go back.

So they did call and the tests were negative. Not surprising given that I had already undertaken the test a few weeks earlier. I made a follow up appointment, this time with a different doctor and also one for my pregnant wife who by this time was also ill.

On our return visit, the male doctor barely looked at us and was dismissive from the outset saying that if it wasn't whooping cough that it was probably 'just one of those things' and I'd probably have to wait it out. He was even rude enough to take a call on his mobile phone halfway through this visit without excusing himself or asking if we minded. He did eventually pull out a stethoscope and listen to my breathing.

When it came to my wife he was even more dismissive. He didn't even take her temperature and said that as she is pregnant, it was better not to do anything. You'd hate for something to actually be wrong. Between us this cost us $114.00. A lot of money for nothing.

All in all there was an air of rudeness thoughout the entire clinic, from the doctors to the elderly lady in charge of the reception area. I expect a bulk billing clinic to be a little short on the personal side of the service but have always expected a regular GP to at least pretend to care.

I certainly won't be going back and will keep hunting for a good GP in the Bayside area.

Approximate cost: $62.00

09 Nov 2007

I've been going here since I was a child, and it's a pretty decent practice. Like most Doctor's clinics you can wait anywhere from 1 minute to over an hour, which is annoying when you have places to be. They don't Bulk Bill which means a standard consultation can cost $55 for 15 mins which I find very pricey. However the staff are experienced and will spend the time with you to work out the problem. I have been in the suituation where I have called for test results but been advised I need to come in, only to be told that my something or another is slightly high and I need another blood test in a month. And you pay $55 for that. If the consultation last 1 minute over 15mins it's a long consultation and it's $80 (I think) so you might as well stay in and find something else wrong with you.
Getting a same day appointment is almost impossible, but they will try and fir you in if required. There is a large elderly population in this area and the waiting room shows this, unfortunately this is one of the reason for the long delays and lack of appointments. I still use them as I like the professional approach, however if I just need a medical certificate for work or a simple check up for a cold/flu I use a bulk bill clinic which can always fit you in the same day.

Approximate cost: $55+

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