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544 reviews about Beauty & The Bees

30 Jul 2018

Any shampoo I tried left my scalp itchy and my hair oily, and only expensive shampoos and conditioners left my hair in a tolerable (far from ideal) state. I had to wash every single day otherwise it would be unbearable. Finally, it occurred to me to go completely natural. I tried liquid Castile soap, however I found the lack of lather made it hard to clean all my hair (it is short, but there is Lots of it). Plus it wasn't overly economical. Also, there was the plastic it came in by virtue of being liquid. Finally, I searched the Internet and found Beauty and the Bees. I am in love with the results. I love how squeaky clean I can get my hair with a wonderful lather, and how an ACV rinse after gets is soft and shiny. There is almost no itching, and already I can wash my hair alternate days. I love the absolute minimal packaging. I am upset at not having made this discovery years ago.

15 Oct 2019

I have been using their rich moisturising cream to treat a mild facial eczema condition for over a decade, and it works very well. Smells good and organic (and inoffensive), is non-greasy and it works really well. Priced fairly. Well done to them and i wish them continued success. Their packaging is now becoming more environmentally appropriate, which is also important.

Approximate cost: $40

Beauty & The Bees 15 Oct 2019

Thanks so much! We actually pioneered zero waste packaging in Australia, never using plastic containers, always glass, tin, paper or cardboard, and have saved over 1 million packs from landfill so far, so not sure how much more we can do: we are light years ahead of everyone else on the market environmentally which we are very proud of

03 Oct 2019

I’ve started using their shampoo bars and conditioning bars and they are just fabulous! They make my hair feel clean and soft. I love that their products ar natural and also zero plastic, just cardboard and paper. I purchased their lip balm too and it’s amazing! I will definitely be a regular customer. Thank you!

25 Sep 2019

Absolutely awesome! Fantastic product & love the environmental consideration. Love it! Will be purchasing some other goodies!

Approximate cost: $27

20 Sep 2019

The best body soap I have used. Leaves my skin feeling wonderfully soft and has eliminated the dry skin I had after using supermarket soaps. Plus the added bonus of being a face cleanser as well. Great delivery, quick and convenient.

18 Aug 2019

Arrived so promptly with awesome communication from ordering all the way through to delivery. Their products really are a treat and it is comforting to know that all the ingredients are super safe for your body and the environment. Well done Beauty and The Bees.

Approximate cost: $70

12 Aug 2019

Fantastic product making real impact to reduce plastic waste! Received as gift from dear friend, much for love local artisan producers

02 Aug 2019

The product is lovely and the delivery was very organised and quick.

Approximate cost: $22

02 Aug 2019

A wonderful environmentally friendly company and their products are excellent.

Approximate cost: $20

28 Jul 2019

I was encouraged to look at the Beauty and the Bees site following a "how-to do a Plastic Free Life" seminar. I have used bar shampoos and conditioners before but didn't really like lather. The products came quickly, work beautifully and are excellent quality and value for money.
I smell and feel good and am even happier that I am not using any plastics!

Approximate cost: $50

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