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10 Oct 2018

I booked a 9.45 am appointment and arrived on time to be told to return in 20 minutes. I then had to wait another 10 before sitting down. I asked for a trim which was great, and a half head of fouls. At 1.00pm the hairdresser took the foils off and put toner in my hair, but I had run out of time so had to ask her to wash it off early. I then left with my hair wet at 1.15 as I had to drive my daughter to her music lesson. To top it all off, I was charged $230. I thought I had found my new local but won’t be returning.

Approximate cost: $230

30 Aug 2016

Walked in to Biba for a 10.45am appointment for a cut and colour. Walked out at 1pm with a cut and a quick blow dry. When I realised that if I wanted a haircut as well I would finish up past 2pm, I told them to dry me off as I couldn't wait any longer. They booked in far more people than they had hairdressers and thought we were just happy to sit around and wait endlessly for them. They had no respect for my time or my appointment. Paid $189 to top it off and I will never go back again!

01 Feb 2014

I went to BIBA because it has such a good reputation. I got a new hairdresser who was lovely and did a fantastic haircut.
I asked for half a head of blonde highlights. When it was all done, my hair looked brown all over, actually darker than what it was when I walked in! I commented that it wasn't very light, which the hairdresser replied is because she had added a toner to it, to tone down the blonde, and it would wash out over a few weeks. Then I was charged $192. When I looked in the mirror at home I felt devastated that my hair was darker than ever and I'd spent all that money. Next morning I went back to BIBA. I've never done this before, but I asked really politely if they could make it lighter, as it was clearly still just brown. The girl I spoke to at the front desk just stared at me coldly and told me there's nothing they could do. When I asked her to noticed my hair was clearly brown with no blonde in it she rudely left to get my original hairdresser. My original hairdresser was much more friendly, and was sorry that I was not happy, but did not wish to fix it, and just kept telling me it would get lighter. I felt really humiliated as it was not easy to tell them I wasn't happy with it. So I left, and I will never return or recommend BIBA. I understand that sometimes a hair cut or colour may not work out, but I felt hugely disappointed that the staff did not want to help me or try at all to fix the problem, instead I felt embarrassed and foolish going back.

Approximate cost: $192

MelbourneShopper 21 Aug 2014 · 60% Trust

You poor thing! I don't understand why they couldn't fix it?

Sandton did the same to us. Cold stares. Bad.

Maybe they didn't want to damage your hair? In any event they should at least try something. I am shocked.

24 Jan 2014

After many, many years of absolute frustration with hair styles, I found Peter at Biba. When I sat down and told him my story, adding that even though I'm in my early 60's, I was tired of looking like a Fuzzy the Clown grandmother. He understood completely and after 1 1/2 hours of cutting, standing back, cutting, looking again, I walked out going "wow"! and so did my husband. For the first time, I love the style and feel great about myself. The style is so easy to manage - wash and blow dry in 2 minutes. We went away for over 2 months and it kept the style. I used to have to have a cut every 4 weeks. He is such a lovely person too and I enjoy our chats as he is cutting away. I'm sorry I hadn't found him sooner. All the staff there are very friendly.

Approximate cost: $70

25 Sep 2012

Nicole is a gem. She is funky. Up-to-date on trends and colours. But above all she listens. I have gone in for many hair cuts over the years. She always finds a way to make my hair look lush, full, without all the weight. I don't know how she does it. Most others leave blunt ends but she cuts the way a fine artisan would.

Approximate cost: $80

MelbourneShopper 21 Aug 2014 · 60% Trust

Yes! I have to agree.

23 Apr 2012

I needed a haircut urgently and checked on WOMO that BIBA has really good review. Called them first thing in the morning and got a appointment right away (I was told that normally you need a 2 weeks advance booking!). Dean was my hairdresser and he is absolutely fabulous! Dean listened to what I want and gave me an amazing hairstyle! We also discussed the fact that some hairdressers would cut you a hairstyle which only looks good for a short time, and that once you wash your hair, it's gone! But with Dean's skill, he was able to create me a hairstyle which is not easy to manage but also would not disappear after I wash my hair! I have to say this was the most well spent $68!!

Approximate cost: $68

23 Jan 2012

I have been going to Biba for a while now and seeing Adam and i absolutely love him! After years of disastrous haircuts elsewhere I finally found someone that actually LISTENS, takes the time, and has the talent to give me an amazing style! I now have many family and friends that also see him and they too are as equally impressed with him as I am! I've also had Chloe color my hair before and she did a beautiful job! However, You do need to book at least 4 weeks ahead for Adam at the moment, but trust me, its well worth the wait!

Approximate cost: $68

22 Oct 2011

At short noticed they helped me out by shaving my head! They were fully booked but managed to do it with out inconveniencing anyone else.

Approximate cost: $25

29 Jun 2011

I have been going to Pete at BIBA for over ten years. I can quite confidently say that I have never had a decent hair cut before finding this salon. My hair is quite difficult but Pete manages to give me something that I can manage and looks fantastic every time. The cut costs a little more than average for the local area but it always lasts me months longer than anything else I've had giving me more value for my money.

Approximate cost: $68

09 Mar 2011

In the past I have never really clicked with a particular hairdresser but when I moved to Blackburn 3 years ago I discovered Claire! And what an amazing discovery... she is THE BEST! She has always listened to me and seemed to really understand what i have wanted in a hairstyle.. recently i did something drastic with my hair and wouldn't have trusted anyone but Claire to do it - she did a brilliant job. I have recommended her to my friends who have also been very happy. She is mature past her years, highly trained & professional. You are in very good hands with Claire. I'm looking forward to seeing her this Friday.
Overall the salon is great - the others are friendly, easy going and all very professional.

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