5 reviews about Big Boy BBQ

14 Mar 2015

The food is always delicious! My favourite thing is the Dorothy burger, and the sauce is incredible. I would love to steal a bottle ha. Last night the service was incredible, called the store to let them know we'd be around at 850 (half an hour from when we placed our order), it was being finished when we arrived, they packed the food so it would still be fresh and warm when we arrived back home. It was a really lovely experience and everyone was super friendly. Thank you!!!

15 Apr 2013

I Was extremely excited to come here and in particular try their sandwhiches. This time I didn't get to try their sandwhiches Because my friend wanted to share a platter of wings,ribs,sides they were paying so who am I to argue.

Fairly a small place they have few tables,some that are communal that you share with people you may,may not know yet.
I have no problem in sharing a table with strangers and since there were no "uncommunal" tables available that's the only option we had.
You order your food at the counter which is not my favourite thing but nonetheless you gotta do what you gotta do.
There are big menu boards telling what they have on offer you order then they tell you where you can sit.
The food was pretty good and we both enjoyed it.
The peanut butter pie was delish (not enough though) and the home made icecream was good but too small.
Overall it's a great place for some American bbq,a delicious but tiny piece of pie or a most likely mouthwatering sandwhich.
They are liscenced and have beer and wine available for purchase.
Warning be prepared to wait in line for a little bit it can be out the door at times.
I will be back to try a sandwhich or two and some of that delicious peanut butter pie

cazzy 15 Apr 2013 · 90% Trust

Informative review good one

Bobby123 14 Mar 2015 · 100% Trust

Thanks for this great informative review, the peanut butter pie sounds interesting

29 Aug 2012

Yum! definately lived up to the hype. great feed, we ate the serves 1-3 between the 2 of us, and soooo much meat and goodness. divine. highly recommend! Had pork ribs, beef, chips and onion rings. ummmm.....

Approximate cost: $49

03 May 2012

I haven't had a pastrami and swiss like this since I left New Jersey. Dry rubbed ribs or glazed; excellent buffalo wings and the piece de resistance, onion strings!

Approximate cost: $15

26 Feb 2012

Very nicely done with decor, staff very friendly and helpful
I had a New Yorker which was a pastrami on rye - the pastrami was done to perfection, but did not like the swiss cheese on it. I like just pastrami - Had I realize this would have asked for the cheese to not be put on. Partner had the BBQ sandwich and he said it was great. Highly recommended to try this place

Approximate cost: $15.00

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