7 reviews about BodyWorld Gym

01 Nov 2009

Used this gym for many years before joining Genesis Camberwell. The gym is aimed more at males with the weights etc... Great bodybuilding gym! Staff are generally very friendly and will help out when asked. Good support from other gym members etc... Tolilets /Showers are a big let down here. Need to clean up this to win me back.....

Approximate cost: $600

01 Oct 2007

Went to this gym and as a female found it very uncomfortable and not the most impressive gym. It is very cheap although most of the equipment is old and very male weight orientated. Body world also only has a very small array of cardio machines and too many testosterone filled men that look like they are on roids. very uncomfortable.

30 Sep 2007

Extremely good value for money, however this budget gym lacks sophistication. The gym's equipment is very basic, but this is to be expected judging by the cheap entry fee. However basic the gym is, it serves it's purporse.

Approximate cost: $4

29 Sep 2007

The gyms decor and machinery is very much like it's price ... cheap. As said below, paying $4 a session as a student is unprecedented value, and the equipment and staff get the job done. If your not a gym snob this is adequate for all gym goers needs, although is no inspire gym.

28 Sep 2007

This place is a gym that will just get the job done, thats about it.. If your after extras, they dont have them. It suits me well enough but i know it wouldnt suit everyone. The staff are friendly and help you if you need any pointers. cheap per session aswell

20 Sep 2007

I have been going to Body Worked for over 12 months and beforehand checked out 3 other Gyms . By far Bodyworld offered the best deal with multiple payment options. Maybe not the flashest gym in town but for practicality it is good value and good staff.

19 Sep 2007

At a student cost of $4 its hard to go past Body World, however those who have already been to other gyms such as Fitness first and other nice gyms i hate to say will be greatly disappointed, the equipment is outdated and the place just looks runs down. However i believe that it does the job, if u just wanna use a gym without commitment

Approximate cost: $4-5

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