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27 Oct 2014

great on the go tool for checking out cheap prices of alcohol around your area - would definitely recommend for those who drink regularly

generally easy to navigate as well, so that's a plus

16 Jul 2014

Boozle can be a great tool. Unfortunately it relies on input to keep the prices up to date. If a store changes the price, and no change is made on the site, you can end up driving all the way to what you think is the cheapest, only to find out it is not.
I work in a BWS outlet, and see many customers come in and quote Boozle prices. Depending on the store, they may agree to match the price quoted, if you can show them evidence of the price on your phone. However don't expect it every time, and my own experiences are not necessarily reflective of my employers. Some BWS stores may choose to match, others may not.
I have been a Boozle customer myself and I have found it very effective if I have been out at a friends or relatives and need a top up.
When updated regularly, it is a great tool. Just be prepared to be caught out occasionally and carry that extra couple of dollars.

02 Dec 2013

this is a site i check regularly for special discounts in the surrounding areas,it shows you where the cheapest specials on beverages and saves you alot of money sometimes especially if buying in bulk

03 Oct 2013

im always checking in to boozle to check what specials my local bottle shops have on offer especially at christmas time..i find it less time consuming than poring over catalogues or wandering around bottleshops...always seems up to date and precise

23 Aug 2013

Handy little site, helps when in need of the cheapest alcohol in your area. My husband and I use it most times we get alcohol - its never been wrong on price so far! Such a great idea!!!

12 Aug 2013

I use this quite often. Is a handy little site to find the cheapest prices for alcohol. Sometimes, however, it can get it wrong, as I found out recently. (But the place that was cheaper was only by a couple of dollars anyway, but still, it wasn't listed as cheaper)

23 May 2013

wow! this is pretty handy! so basically it tells you where the cheapest places/sites are (from anywhere) for alcohol, which is always convenient if you need that quick celebratory birthday wine and drinks!

BarbiQ 23 May 2013 · 80% Trust

Never heard of this service before, what a handy site, thanks

sandrar6 23 May 2013 · 100% Trust

Maybe I should introduce this to my husband

23 May 2013

Me and my wife love drinking wine but we prefer to be wise when it comes to spending money for our hobby. This site allows us just that. The people that created this site rock!

babenreviewer 23 May 2013 · 100% Trust

that's great!

16 Dec 2012

Great way to check out and compare a range of products, and find the best prices at local stores. Site is very easy to use, and always has accurate/current specials.

17 Mar 2012

great service to ensure you are always getting a bargain- well not paying more than what the product is actually worth! accurate website

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