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17 Sep 2020

How great is my doctor! Dr Chris (Christine) Harvey rings me out of the blue to check out how I am doing & do I need any repeat prescriptions! In the middle of a pandemic & a husband & at least one adult child working at home. Calm as can be!!!
So, we have a conversation; issues resolved; prescriptions sent to the local pharmacy! Wow, I need a big, big balcony & more pots & pans to acknowledge her. She is my true hero.

... one note of warning - Just want a pill - no way. Since the time I became Chris’ patient about 10 years ago, she is always up to date the minute I walk in, we don’t have to go over things, she listens & has the information, suggestions & empathy to help with new issues. She will always be on your side, and tough love is what she offers.
10 out of 5 stars.

12 Aug 2017

I suppose it depends on which doctor you see and I assume they are not all bad. Unfortunately I saw a doctor that was not very prepared. Did not listen very well. Prescribe a medication with very serious side effect without even explaining anything about it. For all this "pleasure" I got an insanely expensive bill. I later went to a specialist who was shocked at how a mediocre GP can charge more than he does. He probably never read the Hippocratic oath. It does not say: DO HARM. Shameful! The doctor was Ehrenreich!

Approximate cost: $240

31 Mar 2015

Good quality doctors here. The wait time is usually short, and they generally run on time. No bulk billing but service is very satisfactory. :-) Not in and out churning through patients

annc631 12 Jul 2015 · 80% Trust

Reliable and professional service

12 Mar 2015

This is my doctors I have been to forever. I'm always satisfied going here. I think the Doctors are great. They are very thorough and have been happy every time, doesn't matter who I see.

16 Sep 2013

I was staying with my uncle in Brighton and his doctor is here. I needed an appointment ASAP, and was given one the same day, even as a new patient. I have complex medical issues, and the doctor I saw was very thorough, wanting to know what I was on certain medications for before prescribing for me. A refreshing change from the ones that you walk in, tell them what you want, and walk out.

No bulk billing, but worth every cent!

yodadc 17 Sep 2013 · 100% Trust

It's good to know there are still some good GPs around.

01 Sep 2013

This is my doctors I go to (I live in Hampton) and they are fantastic. All the doctors here are very friendly and knowledgeable. They don't rush you in and out like some places. They tak ethe time to listen and help you and make suggestions.
Unfortunately they do not bulk bill however so it can be quite expensive especially double appointments.

18 Aug 2012

I have moved to the area fairly recently and I have been searching for a doctor I would be happy to return to. Havent found one until I went here. Have only been once and I saw Dr Katriona Ross- she was very nice, professional, knowledgable and informative. We did a full check up and she assisted with the reason of my visit. Will be continuing to return to Dr Ross as I feel I will have peace of mind. Only negative is no bulk billing, but you get what you pay for. Thanks very much.

Approximate cost: $75

20 Sep 2010

I was referred by a friend here and I haven't looked back. I saw Dr Narissa and she seemed great. BUt I really like it how there are so many different doctors here (I think 20) each with their own area of expertise. Very friendly service and seem very competent.

min 22 Jun 2012 · 100% Trust

It is good to find some doctors who you trust.

29 Dec 2009

I have been visiting Brighton Medical Clinic for approx 9 years. Several of the Doctors have been there for at least the time I have been a patient/ client so they get to know you on a personal level too. Their care has been truly fantastic: literally saving my husband's life from a heart attack; giving my children emergency care for stitches and generally good listening and sympathetic service for a variety of family ailments.

27 Oct 2009

Really good doctors that are very thorough and caring. They usually always run on time. They are not script happy and do not rush you out. Parking is ample as they have on sight parking. No bulk billing however they will post your invoice in for you.

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