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4 reviews about Brisbane Appliance Service Centre

08 May 2018

I received exceptional service from this business when ordering a spare part for a Braun electric toothbrush. I would recommend them highly.

Approximate cost: $78

13 Sep 2016

The service that Brisbane Appliance Centre gives shoul be rated as six star, not five.
I sent a Braun Cooltech shaver down to them from Mackay for repairs and still cannot get over the exceptional great level of service that I received from them.

09 Oct 2014

I had a Breville warranty attended to by Brisbane Appliance Service Centre and was very happy with the prompt and friendly service I received. I got my machine back within 2hrs and it's back to its old self.

Approximate cost: $0

22 May 2008

great service, it seems that the business is family operated, and they give you really personalised attention. They don't appear to just be in it for the money, but rather they are genuinely interested in making sure that you know how to use the appliance, and give you tips to help you look after it so that you don't break it again in the future. Very friendly and affordable. not great for parking though

336 17 Jun 2010 · 0% Trust

I totally agree with the great service. My order was placed in the afternoon and I received the product the next day (in the Toowoobma area), now this is definitely service.
The pricing is very affordable as well.

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