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11 reviews about Brunswick City Baths

14 Jun 2013

I have mixed feelings about Brunswick Baths.
They tend to be hit or miss in terms of service, facility and services offered. For instance, I find the gym often terribyl unorganised - the number of times I've looked online AND called to ensure a class was running, only to get to the gym and it's not on, is infuriating. Also, due to their recent renovation and using a temporary space, they've been frustrating (i.e. - I went to do a group class and was told I had to drive or walk to the old space, and when I did the doors were locked. Grr.)

We've also found that the new indoor pools are not heated enough. And, despite numerous people expressing this on their FBook website, they have done nothing to remedy the temperature of the water. I won't take my children back to the kid pool. The facility was too cold and not well structured (freezing cold locker rooms, too).
I think the fact that I've constructively complained about things over the past few years - to have nothing much done to remedy - means I've sort of given up on this gym.

While the facilities are nice, the classes pretty good and the Personal Trainers excellent, there's too many downfalls for me (their timetable for group fitness isn't ideal, and they haven't changed it for many years to try and accomodate other members of the community). to be honest, I'll take me and my family to Coburg or Northcote leisure centres for better services.

Approximate cost: $15

10 Jul 2010

This gym is quite often crowded but the outdoor pool is really good even though its sometimes a bit dirty. The staff here are quite nice, and the cadio facilities are adqueate, but are sometimes not kept too clean which i find annoying.

15 Feb 2010

It is generally packed to the rafters on most hot days during the summer. The pool is not that clean, lots of leaves in the water and water doesnt look that clean to be honest. Deep pools which allows you to dive in the pools which is great.

Approximate cost: $5

19 Oct 2009

All of the female staff are very warm, friendly, welcoming, very helpful and very motivating. Most of the men are great, but some of the young guys need to grow up and stop leering and puffing and preeming. The facilities are great as are the classes. Only draw back is that due to the layout of the cardio room there is not adequate ventilation for the treadmills if someone really smelly gets on the treadmill next to you or near you. The stench can be so bad that you have to leave the treadmills. Apparently other patrons have noted this but their is little the staff can do.

Approximate cost: $60 month membership

22 Jul 2009

A great pool that is utilised by the local community - frequented by lots of mothers with young children and school groups, also local uni students do laps here. Indoor pool is being renovated, but outdoor 50 metre pool is fantastic and there's a cafe for an after-swim snack. The pool has a lot of history. My mum used to swim here about 60 years ago.

16 Feb 2008

I found the trainers to be very good and the staff friendly but the pools did not look all that clean. The gym/classes are great but Id stay away from the pools as they look very old and unhygienic.

21 Jan 2008

I went to Brunswick City Baths when they were running $49 massage and spa and swim deal and I've got to say I had the strangest massage ever. These are the things he did that was left something to be desired:
- talked throughout the massage (it's difficult to tell someone you'd rather not talk about your holidays but relax and drift away during a massage)
- didn't use enough oil (this hurt my skin like a chinese burn)
- strange technique of massage, which hurt more than felt good (I like deep tissue massages but I felt like he was going to rip my skin!)
In saying that, the last time I came it was fantastic a man called Pascall did all the right things a massage should entail! I chose to go back for there are a lot of Sports specialist masseurs at City Baths.

Also when I had my swim, there were only two other people in the lap pool and it was a little intimidating with the uniformed security guard standing at the end of each lane. If it were a lifesaver I would understand, but a man in black polished shoes, a white shirt looking bored. Is that necessary? I'll probably consider the outdoor pool next time.

Approximate cost: $49

18 Jan 2008

The staff were extremely nice and the instructors were very down to earth and will go out of their way and help you. They have a good range of classes and their prices are very very reasonable and have good membership prices. Have been several times and found them to be great.

07 Dec 2007

Good service, variety of equipment, a good range of classes. The pools look dated and psychologically I feel they are a little unclean. There is reasonable amount of parking across the road, although Dawson Street can get busy during peak hour. If you are female, I would probably check out other gyms in the area as this one is full of sweaty blokes who don't mop up the equipment!

22 Nov 2007

When I realised my visit pack membership had expired the staff were very friendly and helped me out with an extension so I could get the pack finished. The staff & instructors are friendly and professional

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