14 reviews about Bunnings Warehouse

15 Aug 2013

This store always has a warm greeter at the door & when you find can assistant they are willing to help you to their utmost efforts. Prices are pretty good & always have a great range. There are always plnty of boxes at the front for customer usage to save buying a bag. Trollys are free to use here ith plenty available at all times. Car parks are easy to get & thy have trailer or ute hire available if needed. The timber yard is full & always willing to help. The plant area is always tidy & sometimes under stocked depending on time of year & weather.

03 Feb 2011

My second home.. excellent place to buy big and small items at a great prices.. now doing kitchens which is exciting.. and in turn special orders desk opens up more shopping options for hard to find items

18 Jan 2011

Always friendly service, however sometimes they make you walk around in circles! You can find anything in this store!

11 Jan 2011

had to replace the mains water pipe and did it ourselves, we went to bunnings and found jeff in the plumbing department, he saved us money and time and gave us great advice whenever we rang him with a problem or suggesting the right products when we purchased plumbing, jeff is an experianced plumber and is an assest to bunnings

Approximate cost: $150

11 Jan 2011

love to shop here for house renovation stuff & craft things. especially love to buy all things for the garden as we have just moved to the area & are in the process of making our beautiful house more beautiful. but lacking is customer service, at times i spend 10 mins walking around looking for someone to help me

26 Oct 2010

Staff are very friendly and helpful. Usually very quick with service at the checkout and a warm welcome at the door. The kids area is fantastic with some sort of arts and crafts on the weekends for free. Prices are very reasonable, you can usually find something in your price range.

Approximate cost: $100.00

15 Jun 2010

Service wasn't very good, the person we spoke to didn't know much about lawnmowers and was unable to explain the difference between them. Ended up going to Bunnings in Pakenham which had much better service and the person there we spoke to explained everything we needed to know

06 Jun 2010

As usual no one to get information from,so we had to pick up goods ourselves we are aged 67 & 73. Service in this store was not good enough. We were purshasing a raised garden bed.

Approximate cost: $200.00

12 Nov 2009

This place really annoys me how they advertise that they have the best service and LOWEST PRICES which is a complete lie and I don't see how they can legally get away with it. I probably shop here once every four months. It's true that they have do have the largest range and a great shopping experience but they kill it with the shocking customer service and ripoff pricing. If you can ever find someone to serve they don't know what you mean or they think your talking about something completely different, I went to this store two weeks ago now for a roof vent as my customer needed her's replaced $94 was the cheapest they had. And it was in Zinc which is usually least expensive. They're Stormwater 6.0 metre lengths are $24. Mitre 10 Mega Pakenham and Bunnings Pakenham have them for $13.90. Just a ripoff, not enough competition

Approximate cost: $94.94

12 Nov 2009

Tried to buy 20 bags of cement, was at first told by the kid working there to just get a TROLLEY and take the 400KGs of cement out to my car, to which I asked why I couldn't just drive in and load up that way. So I drove in and loaded, he stood and watched. I'd finished loading my car so I shut the boot, he then said "sorry mate can you open your boot i need to count how many bags you got". I was gobsmacked. I asked why he wasn't counting as I loaded them, he didn't say anything. So I told him to take the bags out of the boot and back where I got them, and that I was leaving for Mitre 10 Mega in Pakenham immediately. He just laughed and literally threw the bags out of my car back onto the pile braking three. Mitre 10 Mega helped me load the bags into my car and were 60 cents cheaper a bag.

Approximate cost: $-

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