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21 Oct 2012

We have come here a couple of times for dinner in October this year. On both occasions we've had very good food and outstanding service. I think my dining experiences here have been the most enjoyable I've had in Melbourne so far.

We have had the rib eye and porterhouse steaks as well as the lamb cutlets. I found the porterhouse was pretty good. It is served with chips however I made a request for some salad as well and the staff were more than happy to oblige. I really enjoyed the lamb cutlets, which were served with a very nice Greek style salad and tzatziki. (pictures on Urbanspoon). It is a nice dinner that is not too heavy.

My partner is very fond of the Gippsland rib eye which is served with a delicious green peppercorn sauce on mash. The steak was amazingly tender. He's ordered the same dish both times because he loves it so much. At almost $30, this is the most expensive dish on the menu.

We have had only one dessert here, the tiramisu. My partner thought it was one of the best he's ever had (he's a bit of a tiramisu freak). He says that sometimes he orders tiramisu and it's mostly cake with very stingy portions of cream; this one was rich, creamy and delicious. I did sample it and it was very very good.

Service has been excellent. The waitresses have been incredibly helpful and friendly. The chef/owner is very entertaining, coming over to us and making a few jokes. He actually gave me a complimentary glass of wine both times which was very kind of him. Good wine too.

We dined here on weeknights and the restaurant was rather quiet which worried my partner, who was concerned it might not be viable. If it does close due to lack of business my partner is going to be devastated to lose his favourite steak place. We were trying to figure out why it was quieter than the two restaurants nearby and we think it's because this one looks more like a cafe than a restaurant so people may not realise they serve restaurant-quality food for dinner (I think that was my first impression when I came here initially). We've only eaten the dinner style food here so can't comment on the other meals, but we love this place and have come here on two special nights out (birthday and anniversary). I'm sure we'll be back sooner rather than later.

Approximate cost: $Breakfasts $10-$20; pasta/risotto $18-$24; burgers $17-$20; mains $20-$30

MazB35 22 Oct 2012 · 100% Trust

Oh good to know of the change of name of the restaurant! I agree the meals served are delicious and its a fantastic restaurant :)

jettyb1 04 Apr 2013 · 100% Trust

Tops review mate, spot on

jettyb1 04 Apr 2013 · 100% Trust

Tops review mate, spot on

30 Aug 2012

Great cafe which serves a good selection of meals.

I have been there many times with friends over the years and each time we have dined, we were very pleased with our meals and the service.

The wait staff are friendly and greet you with a smile.

Parking can be a challenge on busy weekends as its street parking, but that cannot be helped!

Overall .... a good restaurant serving delicious meals!!

31 Mar 2011

I must admit the coffee they served was amazing. I think it was the beset hot chocolate i've ever tasted in my life. The food is great too, the chips are awesome and the pastry was superb too.

08 Jan 2011

Pretty cool cafe with a casual vibe. Located in a funky area. Food is good quality and reasonably priced. Nice pastas & focaccias. B/fast & outdoor dining also available

22 Feb 2010

Myself and 2 friends ate at traffic last night. The food was great, as was the coffee! The owner zac was a funny bugger who kept us very entertained. I would absolutely recommend traffic, and will definately be returning soon!!

22 Feb 2010

My sister a friend and I had coffee and cake here last night. The gentleman at the bar was hilarious (turns out he is Zak, the manager). We had a good chat to him and we laughed the whole time. What a character! Awesome coffee and thanks for the MOST DELICIOUS slice of Mars Bar cake, we are still eating it because it was huge. We'll see you soon!!!

07 Sep 2009

I agree with EllenW. We had similar experiences where the waitress was lovely and friendly. Then there's this guy who seems to have no respect for the customers or the staff. Our first time there we noticed how he'd swear in front of the customers and was quite aggressive toward one of the male waiters.

The 2nd time we went there, my girlfriend had ordered a hash brown with her meal (best hangover cure) but it didn't come out which we thought 'ok that's fine - less carbs' so when we went to pay the bill we told this guy that the hash brown didn't come, no big deal. He looked at us as if we were trying to scam him out of a hash brown. He said "Wait I'm gonna check with the kitchen".. why would we lie about it?

He then came back and made it out that it was going to be extremely difficult to remove this from our bill and made us feel like we'd done something wrong.

We thought fine, you can keep that $2.50 for the hash brown but we've never gone back and never recommend this place to anyone (quite the opposite). I feel sorry for the staff who have to work with him.

15 Mar 2009

I normally wouldn't write a review like this but I was so appalled by the service of the manager on Sunday morning that I had to come home and immediately get this out.
My friends and I were welcomed into the cafe by a really lovely girl who was smiley and happy. When we sat down to our seats we were feeling relaxed and were enjoying ourselves. The girl took our coffee orders and we started chatting away to each other.
A young man came bursting out of the kitchen with some breakfast plates and aggressively placed them in front of some fellow patrons. I just shrugged it off, these things sometimes happen. He then walked up to the girl and I could see his body language was still very aggressive and extremely confronting. He walked towards our table and yelled across the restaurant at the people working in the kitchen. His language was absolutely appalling. He was actually yelling and swearing across at least 10 patrons including children.
It got even worse - he abused the staff, made derogatory and sexist comments about his staff and customers and made us feel incredibly uncomfortable. We were feeling so uncomfortable we didn't want to confront him until we were ready to leave.
Upon confronting him, he told us to keep our opinions to ourselves, refused to look us in the eye and was in no way remorseful about his digusting behaviour.
I feel sorry for the owner and the staff at this cafe. I was pretty obvius to everyone that the girl had been crying and we could even see that her hands were shaking. I just wanted to take her away from that place. It could have been a great experience but I will never recommend this cafe- bar to anyone purely based on this guys behaviour.

29 Aug 2008

Overall very nice atmosphere and was not too loud. The service was fantastic especially a waitress named Edie, the food was very nice and I would go there again and have done so since.

25 May 2008

We had breakfast at Traffic Saturday morning. Three of the items described on the menu in their "Big Breakfast" were missing, when mentioned some of it was then brought out but not all. Breakfast was cold, spinach was rotten on edges and OJ watered down severely. We paid our $43 for 2 for breakfast and mentioned this afterward and no attempt was made to apologise in any way. PRETTY BAD!
Breakfast can't be that hard. Certainly won't be going back.

williama 19 Feb 2010 · 50% Trust

bit confused about the o.j watered down, the o.j is 100% fresh jiuce , orange in machine jiuce comes out, if you had a problem there it would be quite hard to beleive.

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