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7 reviews about Cafe Vamp

11 Jul 2009

This is a very popular cafe. The food is quite expensive and I did not find the serves very generous. The food was good but not as good as I expected. I may come back here but I would not rush back.

Approximate cost: $15

11 Nov 2008

I love Cafe Vamp! Great food, reasonable prices. They do a fantastic breakfast & lunch. Coffee is good. I like the outdoor dining as it gets a bit loud insice.

03 Jun 2008

Great service and friendly staff in a trendy building make the tasty (but slightly expensive) food all the better. Generous proportions and good coffee is a plus too.

28 Sep 2007

The food and service is of first quality, have never been disappointed with anything i've received, which makes it easier to forgive the slightly higher priced items...the only setback being the school children who enjoy being loud but that's hardly the cafe's fault

28 Sep 2007

Nice little place on glenferre rd, the food is very nice and in quite good portions. I do like sitting here as it is a nice place there in hawthorn. I love getting a small meal from here as it is always to perfection. great stuff!!

21 Sep 2007

I often visist Cafe Vamp and get the Foccaicas as they are the best around. the coffe is also very nicely made, Dont be surprised if you a Hawthorn football player here either. This place is very good and i highly reccomend

Approximate cost: $10

27 Aug 2007

I LOVE this cafe! Fantastic coffee, service with a smaile, great food and a good atmosphere. The only downside is that they're often very busy because they're so popular.

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