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07 Aug 2017

We had an appointment last Tuesday 11AM, we received a message from them saying that they will be late for approximately 30mins to an hour, so we waited. However, 1PM (2hour later) still no one show up, so we decided to call them again to find what's happening only to find out that they will not be coming today.
I booked another time with them at today (Monday 11AM) and SMSed them the night before to make sure they don't be late again. Surprisingly, they didn't show up again, and no one is picking up the phone. Later I called their main mobile number and someone finally picked up and told me QuickSure Plumbing is officially closing down... so I have to look for a new plumber now... WOW...
2 weeks of waiting wasted, and no notification given. I wish whoever is associated with this company will not be doing this to anyone else again.

02 Aug 2017

Dear WOMO members, please be wary of hiring this company!

We hired QuickSure Plumbing a couple of weeks ago in order to do an end-to-end verification of all our gas appliances and the main gas line as we became alerted by a very high gas consumption (about 2-3 times higher comparing to the previous year). At that time I was monitoring the gas meter on a daily basis.
Even when I spoke to them on the phone I mentioned the fact that we suspect it could be a dodgy appliance as we couldn’t smell any gas along the pipe.

One of their guys came in, ran a sort of pressure test and mentioned to my wife that he can see a leak on the gas line and he can guarantee that the only solution to have our “very high gas consumption” problem fixed is to replace the whole existing gas pipe. Because we were really panicked by the continuing high gas usage and so we couldn’t wait any longer, we were fool enough to accept what they proposed to us and so the very next day they came in and replaced the pipe. They’ve charged us $2500 for a half a day job and (guess what!?) replacing the gas pipe didn’t make any difference at all in terms of our daily gas usage.
So there you go: we paid $2500 (way too much, as another company quoted the same job for $1500 later ) and we continued to experience the same problem. After that I called QuickSure Plumbing again and they suggested to replace the hot water system, the gas ducted heating unit etc ... At that point I realised that they didn’t know what they were doing. All they did was just trial and error, while playing with people’s money.
Then I called a different company which easily figured out that the culprit was the ducted heating unit which they fixed in no time and solved our problem.

I am sorry for you guys at QuickSure Plumbing but I’m giving you the minimum rating due to your lack of technical expertise, the exaggerated price that you charged us for replacing the gas line as well as for the lack of customer service.

27 Apr 2017

I am happy with their services ..very professional... fast ..efficient..well done guys..:) :)..Really impressed with their work efficiency!!!

20 Apr 2017

Quick, friendly and efficient service. Explained the complete process before completing work .Thank you so much for such a superb work.

04 Apr 2017

Initially, these guys came across as very professional and courteous. They provided a timely quote for the work, which I accepted.

My initial concerns were about the competence and quality of Quicksure's work. I asked them to move a water meter and tap to make more room for a car space we were adding to our property. In the course of this work, the plumber accidently over-extended the water pipe causing it to burst and fill the building site with water. He then wrongly relocated the meter to the lawn rather than the flower bed.

The owner of Quicksure said they would sort this out when they came back a second time to reconnect the gas (the gas meter was also relocated). However, when he arrived (2.5 hours later than we agreed) he determined that the water pressure valve was also faulty. He then went back to his car to run some numbers and returned saying that it would cost another $459 to replace the valve and another $200-300 to move the water meter to the correct position. He then demanded that I pay 100% of all the costs (totalling $1572, including the gas connection costs) on completion of the job that day, rather than within the normal 28 day payment period. He hadn't described these payment terms in our previous correspondence.

When I offered to pay 30% of the total on the day and the rest in a week, he said this wasn't enough and told me he didn't want to do the work anymore. He then drove away leaving my house and my family without gas to cook with or heat our hot water. And of course, the water meter remains in the wrong position.

Don't be fooled by appearances - Quicksure aren't what they first seem. As a customer, it felt like they were attempting to exhort early payment from me because they didn't guarantee the quality of their work. Based on the quality of the work done on my water meter, I would recommend they try to take payment BEFORE they even start the work.

Approximate cost: $1572

GavinMelone 02 May 2017 · 20% Trust

Your totally right Nestor, I mean that totally makes sense. Pay 30% now and the rest a week later.

If i went to JB hi-fi and bought a big flat screen tv and told them id pay some now, the rest in a week, they shouldnt have a problem with that, right?

Or a restaurant, pay for half the meal, let them know il fix up the rest another time.

Yeh Nestor i mean i totally agree with your opinion. Why not just pay them when you feel, your good for it, fcucking idiot

frankk675 11 May 2017 · 0% Trust

They are fking idiots, don't even wanna call them guys, bunch of ladies working with a long cable plugging in anywhere they want

frankk675 11 May 2017 · 0% Trust

Plugged in their tools and says they can't take it out , it's stucked, and ask me for a 4200 because they can't take their own equipment out. What a circus here, bunch of jokers

22 Feb 2017

The guys are super friendly, professional and very prompt when making a booking.
Happy to give advice and recomendations on any issues that may arise later on.
I own a local business and would highly recomend them based on customer service and attention to detail.

07 Dec 2016

Please let me state for the record that i chose QuickSure Plumbing due them being the highest rated business in this category.

[Redacted names] were very professional, courteous and it was easy to see why they have had such positive reviews.

However in my own personal dealings with them i feel that i have not been afforded the same level of service as others.

I asked QuickSure to come out and look at my Gas/Solar Hot Water System (which was and still has 100% functionality) as i wanted some diagnostics around how much 'life span' (approx) i would have left in it, as the system had started to collect a small pool of water at the bottom of the unit.

During my initial conversation with [Redacted name] i was quoted $300 (+GST) for the 1st hour, please note that there was no mention of the job being billed out at a minimum of 1 hour. I thought given what i was asking to be completed that it may take approx an hour to check the system through thoroughly, i admit that clarity from both parties could have been better on that occasion.

[Redacted name] arrived on the morning (Tues 29/11) and his conduct was excellent. I took [Redacted name] to the Unit and showed him where the water was pooling, he immediately advised that i had a rusty tank, which made sense. I advised that there had been no rust in the water to date and was hoping to get an idea of how long i could get out of it in order to save for another system. He advised that the Tank needed replacing, again i asked is there a way to see how long the tank might have left (given that that the system works 100%) he again advised that it needed replacing.

This was conversation took place in less than 5 minutes of arriving and at no time was the unit or system examined in anyway.

The next 15/20 minutes consisted of [Redacted name] returning to his vehicle to do some research on the product (even though i had provided make/model number to [Redacted name] during my initial conversation) and started to look at costings to replace the Tank.

[Redacted name] returned and advised approx $2100 (+GST) to replace the Tank only, but advised that he would formally send me a quote with further details to my email address.

He then asked if there was anything else he could do while he was there as "I've got to charge you for the full hour regardless". I asked him to take a look at my Hot/Cold swivel kitchen tap which occasionally leaks a little bit of water depending on the position of the tap. I was told i needed a new Tap.

Rather than take up the issue with [Redacted name] at the time. I paid the $330 (GST) and [Redacted name] left my house in under 30 mins and without me being any wiser to what i already new. Yes the Hot Water System was coming to the end of its life span (7 years) and yes a leaky tap will at some point need replacing.

That isn't rocket science.

I took up the issue of the cost by calling [Redacted name] the next day (30/11) and left a message, 24 hours later no returned call so i called him again (1/12) and debated the cost on the basis that i was not advised that it was a minimum of 1 hour charge, especially when the actual engagement was less than 5 minutes.

I then proposed that i pay half by way of reimbursement to my Credit Card to cover costs to get out to my house. (A resolution that i still seek)

[Redacted name] advised that the quote (which had still not been received) could be negotiable in lieu of the $330 and was surprised that i had not received the quote.

Today is Wednesday 7/12 and there has still been no quote received and no follow up from [Redacted names].

Please let me state that i have no issue with call out fees and the premium that come with good service/workmanship, no issue with people trying to make a profit in their business and its clear that QuickSure has a very good reputation and based on other reviews they provide quality workmanship.

But in my case $330 for less than 5 minutes of actual diagnostics/conversation with no follow up, or submission of a quote as promised despite escalation to [Redacted name] the business.

On that basis i could not recommend QuickSure Plumbing, however i wish [Redacted name], [Redacted name] and the business well.

Mark - Deer Park

07 Nov 2016

Installed my dishwasher, removed old one and connected my fridge to water for $214.50.

Guy came on time and was courteous and helpful. Even helped me take the old heavy dishwasher out to the kerb.

Approximate cost: $214

10 Sep 2016

Called on Sunday (among 2 plumbers called) - they called me back first, provided an appointment the next day. Arrived on time, great communication, clean and courteous, and reasonable price. Will use again.

Approximate cost: $178

04 Jul 2016

Fast and efficient.
Would recommend to everyone who wants fast, professional and reliable service.

Approximate cost: $300

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