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1 review about Cars Complete Auto Repair Service

24 Jun 2014

Had to be towed from brisbane to home sat arvo and partner rang this guy to help me out. Wonderful service.i was scared of the repairs and the bill after that scenario. Husband and wife team and boys do help. Family and local business which is even better. My repairs were done efficiently and without fuss, we were informed of what was to be done along the way. I was even picked up as im only 5 min away, to get back to the workshop . Lovely down to earth friendly people.
The workshop is absolutely spotless lol unusual for a mechanics. Everything in it place and the floor is so clean and un messy . The total bill was a pleasant surprise .i didnt have to mortgage a house lol
Will be my mechanic in future. Ended up just having leads and plugs replaced and radiator cap after driving to bris and around for 2 hrs, so was very very lucky no more damage.
Thanks guys

Approximate cost: $264

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