4 reviews about Caulfield Park Dentists

02 Dec 2011

With respect that I hate dentists, I have to say these guys are good. Even though they are busy and hard to book they find slots of available time and call me to book an appointment. And the dentists are very good.

22 Dec 2009

I needed to get braces and got a quote from the orthodontist. They quoted me a lot of money and my teeth were not even that bad in the first place. I did not like the general feeling of some of the orthodontists but i do not go there anymore.

24 Jul 2007

These guys are very helpful and understand that soe proceedures cost a lot of money so assist with a long term dental plan in mapping out proceedures for the future. The environment is first class and the staff make you feel at home

11 Jul 2007

These guys are really proactive in helping me to keep my teeth in good shape with preventative treatment and advice. Since seeing them twice a year for the past three years I've had fewer problems than previously and I think my teeth are in better shape than before. I think they're expensive, but I'm probably saving money through prevention.

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