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18 Dec 2016

We found out about Cath when we saw a wedding video of a couple with her as their celebrant. Her unique style of adding humour into the ceremony is what really stood out for us and it allowed for a much more engaging ceremony for all involved.

She operates in a very professional manner, every detail, every possible situation that could arise during the ceremony, she had it covered. The process of planning the ceremony just flowed with ease thanks to just how good a celebrant she is.

We highly recommend her for her unique flair and such attention to detail.

Ceremonies By Cath 18 Dec 2016

Thanks Joanne for your kind words. I had fun working with you both to compose your wedding ceremony. My best wishes to you both again for a beautiful future together.

27 Nov 2016

Cath was so warm, organised and down-to-earth. She provided a folder for us to pick and choose how we wanted the ceremony to run, and we also rehearsed the ceremony, so there was no confusion on the day over what we had to do. Thanks so much Cath!

Ceremonies By Cath 09 Apr 2017

Thanks Amy and Chris. It was great working with you both on your ceremony and to see you both again recently at another wedding was wonderful. Congratulations again to you both.

27 Nov 2016

Cath did a wonderful job for our wedding ceremony in October 2016.
Cath spent the time to go through the whole wedding process beforehand with us from vowels to paperwork to the actual wedding day.
Cath also supplies a manual for the wedding so the wedding vowels can be personalised the way we wanted.
Cath showed up on time and made us more comfortable for our wedding day.
I highly recommend Cath if you're looking great marriage celebrant with the personal touch.
Thank from Simon and Joyee.

Approximate cost: $650

Ceremonies By Cath 09 Apr 2017

What a beautiful wedding you had - small intimate and very much 'the both of you' amongst your closest family members and friends. My best wishes again to you both for a beautiful future together

06 Nov 2016

Cath's first impression was warm and good humoured, from the moment we met her at her front porch, we knew she would be our celebrant!
The whole process of creating a ceremony was made easy, she gave us plenty of guidance, lots of positive reinforcement and laughs along the way - we even had a rehearsal, which made the big day much more relaxed! All legalities and paperwork in her capable hands, she even brought a signing table and PA system to play our processional music!
Our friends and family loved our ceremony! It was one of the first they'd seen that was both outdoors and conducted by a celebrant - even so, they came to me saying how much they'd loved it, how it had a sense of fun, one of the best they'd seen! Highly recommend Cath, amazing value, and she did a great job facilitating such a memorable moment for us!

Ceremonies By Cath 06 Nov 2016

Thank you Tanya for your kind words. I loved every part of working together with you both to ensure that your ceremony was the way you envisioned it. My best wishes again to you both for a wonderful future together.

08 Oct 2016

I love Cath! She is the best celebrant I have ever met, a very warm and friendly person. I was highly recommended by a few of my closest friends, so making that decision was easy. During our appointments we had many laughs, which made the relationship perfect. I believe it's one of the most important aspects for us, which made it very easy to open up about our relationship and stories of how we met. Even though we practiced during our appointments, the day came and we totally forgot what we'd rehearsed. Cath was discreetly guiding us through the ceremony. She had also made this a very personal and intimate morning for us. Cath is very prepared for happy tears with tissues on hand for us as well We'll never forget this day, thank you Cath for the sharing our moment with us and making it very special. Love Chanthy and Linda

Ceremonies By Cath 09 Apr 2017

It was indeed an honour and my pleasure to be your celebrant. Working together to include all the little special elements that you both wanted to have included into your ceremony was fun. Looking at your photos, your love and the fun on the day truly shone through. Congratulations and best wishes for a fantastic future together

15 Sep 2016

Mr & Mrs Smith

Cath was was absolutely fantastic. First meeting we had with her she knew exactly what we wanted.
Ceramony was fantastic and it was so nice to involve our 5 children in the ring giving. It was simple yet so meaningful. Everything flowed and it was perfect.
I would absolutely recommend Cath !
We chose to do the ceramony at Cath's place and it was beautiful. Even her presence was just amazing.
I wouldn't change a thing! We done it all in just 30days and for those who want a simple yet meaningful ceramony Cath is the one!

Thank you Cathy for making our day so special and including our children.

Approximate cost: $500

Ceremonies By Cath 15 Sep 2016

Thanks "Mr and Mrs Smith" :) - it was indeed a pleasure and honour to be your celebrant. My best wishes to you entire family for a fantastic future together.

12 Sep 2016

We contacted Cath for the first time three years ago when we were both living in Japan. One of our good friends had highly recommended Cath and for very good reason.

Daisuke and I had changed wedding dates and plans numerous times and she was always patient, thorough and kind with working with us. It was a tough job for Cath as we weren't in the country but she was very accommodating to our arrangements.

My husband spoke little English and she made sure that he felt comfortable during the ceremony as well.

If not for Cath, it would have been a very stressful experience. She just made it so easy for us.

I highly recommend Cath to any couple. When weddings can be so stressful, you really need a celebrant like Cath to make it straightforward and simple.

Thank you one million!

Beta an d Daisuke

Ceremonies By Cath 03 Oct 2016

Thank you Beta and Daisuke. You finally made it!! Congrats to you both and my best wishes to you for a fantastic future together.

29 Aug 2016

M & M:
We are so impressed and satisfied with Cath as our Celebrant. We wanted to be sure that everything was as planned, and we decided to be in Sydney a week early. We found Cath to be so detailed and thorough, knew and understood our relationship, and performed to our interest and objective perfectly. We had such a smooth wedding and great memory, thanks to her diligence, compassion and understanding.

Ceremonies By Cath 03 Oct 2016

Thank you for your kind words Michael and Marcelle. It was indeed an honour to have been your celebrant for a very intimate and stress free wedding. I'm so glad you got to see so much of Sydney as well and enjoyed our beautiful city whilst you were here. My best to you both for a fantastic future together.

21 Aug 2016

Our wedding ceremony was really lovely thanks in large part to Cath. She is friendly and professional and putting together our outdoor ceremony, including our beautiful dog, was such a breeze with her help and advice.
We were never worried or stressed out about how the ceremony would unfold because we knew that Cath had everything organised and prepared and basically we knew that she had our backs!
Thanks so much Cath.
Anna, Jason and Toby

Ceremonies By Cath 21 Aug 2016

Thanks Anna and Jason for your kind words. It was indeed a pleasure to work with you both to perfect your ceremony. Toby was certainly well behaved on the day. My very best to you both for a wonderful future together.

16 Aug 2016

Cath is a very professional celebrant, warm and helpful and the ceremony was just what we wanted. Highly recommended

Ceremonies By Cath 16 Aug 2016

Thank you J and K for your kind words. I enjoyed every minute of working together with you both on your ceremony, My best wishes to you both for a wonderful future together.

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