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130 reviews about Ceremonies By Cath

29 Aug 2015

Cath was amazing and very thoughtful! We loved our wedding ceremony and it was very memorable for all. Our guests certainly had a few giggles!

Approximate cost: $600

Ceremonies By Cath 29 Aug 2015

We did have fun at your wedding didn't we? While it rained on the day, it didn't dampen the enthusiasm that everyone had on the day. My very best to you both for a great future together.

24 Aug 2015

We went to meet with Cath following recommendation from a young friend. She was attentive, understanding and ensured that she understood our story. The service was different, warm, emotive, and well balanced. Rehearsal covered each minute detail, ring placement, etc. She was quite comfortable with the floating ceremony, and we would heartily recommend her product.

Ceremonies By Cath 29 Aug 2015

Thanks Geoff for your kind words. It's always a pleasure for me to be able to customise a ceremony to what my couples want. My best to you both for a fantastic future together.

06 Jul 2015

Cath was the celebrant for my sister's wedding and I knew that I wanted her for mine as well. She was so easy to work with, she explained everything thoroughly and left no room for any stress on the day.
She was able to work with both English and Cantonese at the ceremony, which was great as we had guests who only understood one or the other of the languages.

Ceremonies By Cath 06 Jul 2015

Thanks Vanessa. It was indeed a pleasure to have been your celebrant and it was lovely to catch up with your sister, brother in law and their son on the day. My best wishes to you both for a wonderful future together.

01 May 2015

Catherine gave us the most beautiful ceremony, in which she captured the very essence of our love story and told it in a way that was sincere, touching and had a touch of humour which had all our guests cry and laugh with us!

We are so grateful that Catherine was there as she took charge on our wedding day when everyone was nervous/emotional, and all thought process disappeared the moment it all started - especially the bride! Details from calming me down, and minute things we forgot- such as tissues (I know, how can ALL the groomsmen forget all the tissue packs I packed them, on the day?!) Cath got that covered!

Our wedding ceremony was perfect/unforgettable and it wouldn't have been if Cath was not involved. She is such a professional, very warm and accomodating. I can see why she has won so many awards & have great feedbacks :-)

Love from,
Mark & Princess

Ceremonies By Cath 02 May 2015

WOW - thank you Princess and Mark for your heartfelt words. Working together with you both was wonderful and I'm really happy everyone enjoyed your ceremony as I did myself. My best to you both for a wonderful future together

14 Apr 2015

If you are looking for a celebrant, stop right here, Cath was sensational. She is bright, happy, very social and made us very comfortable at each of our meetings before the wedding. She wrote our vows, and they were very personally written to our personalities. i am very proud of how our ceremony turned out, we had a very small wedding of our parents and our 2 kids, and i wouldn't have changed a thing. Thanks Cath for making it memorable.

Ceremonies By Cath 02 May 2015

Thanks Michaela and William for your lovely testimonials. I thoroughly enjoyed writing your ceremony and my best wishes to you both again for a wonderful life together.

20 Mar 2015

Cath was wonderful. She personalised our wedding incorporate the fact that we had been together 25 years. It was humerous, included all our memories and our friends. I would recommend Cath to any person wishing to have a wedding written especially for them.

Approximate cost: $2,500

Ceremonies By Cath 20 Mar 2015

Thanks Anne. I had so much fun working with you both to create that very special ceremony for you both.

11 Mar 2015

Cath was fantastic. Approachable, professional and organised. She made sure all the paperwork was done properly, we knew what to do on the wedding day and injected much needed humour and warmth to our vows.

Ceremonies By Cath 11 Mar 2015

Thanks Sussan for your kind words. I really enjoyed working with you both

03 Mar 2015

Catherine was fantastic and took the time to personalise our ceremony so that it was unique for us. She was so welcoming and open and everyone loved our ceremony. Catherine was very organised and provided excellent service in the setup of our ceremony. I highly recommend Catherine for your ceremony.

Approximate cost: $650

Ceremonies By Cath 11 Mar 2015

Thanks Tania, I had a wonderful time working with you both on your ceremony and what a beautiful day it was.

05 Jan 2015

Our ceremony with Cath was everything we expected. She knows the ins and outs of the wedding world, she's extremely professional and she's warm and helpful as well. Cath was honest and wise in her advice for the ceremony as well as organised down to a tee.

I really, REALLY recommend her, she is great at what she does!

Ceremonies By Cath 11 Mar 2015

Thanks so much Sofia. Being your celebrant was indeed my pleasure

05 Aug 2014

We couldn't have been happier with our choice in Cath as our celebrant. Very professional, patient and has a great sense of humour.

Her endless enthusiasm really shows how much she cares about her clients and this was evident when she took the time to sit down and get to know us as a couple in our first meeting with her.

Our guests all commented on how great our vows/ceremony were because of how personal and funny it was.

Highly recommended!

Justin & Jules

Ceremonies By Cath 05 Aug 2014

Thanks Jules and Justin for your kind words. I really enjoyed working with you both and making your wedding day fun and delightful for your guests. Keep in touch!

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