12 reviews about Chat Thai

15 Oct 2017

I like Chat Thai and have been to multiple of their Sydney based restaruants. They provide a rounded dining experience that never fails - good service, great food, good prices.
Go for the Pineapple Fried Rice with Prawns, it is a stir fried fried-rice with egg, pineapple, prawns, cashews and more. Add a chicken skewer to it too.

20 Jun 2013

Fantastic food a tad pricey ...
Great location minuted to beach
Parking is on Coogee Bay Road
Lovely owners they are always on the floor during trading hours

Approximate cost: $23.00

25 Jul 2012

By far the best Thai I've had in Sydney. These guys just do everything well. They're comparatively cheap, the food is fantastic and the restaurants have such a cool atmosphere. My favourite meal has to be the padt si-ew and you haven't experienced Chat Thai until you've tried the Lychee Blend drink! Amazing! A highly recommended restaurant for an unbeatable dine in experience or delicious takeaway.

Approximate cost: $10-$15

28 Jun 2012

This busy little Thai restaurant does thai food that's not quite as westernised as other places so it it tasty fresh and SPICY!! Good value delicious food.

26 Nov 2011

The restaurant has a very good reputation for high quality products. The meals they prepare are very delicious. The price is affordable for all kind of customers including uni students. This restaurant is so busy that you need to make booking in advance even for table for four people. Unfortunately they are doing take away deliveries and home deliveries what makes for them extremely busy specially during weekend and friday's night.

Approximate cost: $15

17 Feb 2011

I found Chat Thai after using Womow to find a local Thai restaurant after moving to the area. WOW! The service is fast and the Pad Thai is the best I've had since I visited Thailand last year, tasted as fresh as one I ordered on the Khao San Road! Will definitely order from there again!

Approximate cost: $13

06 Jun 2010

Take away boxes- one had quite a few cracks:P But the food was pretty good- only pretty good because the rice was a bit stiff. I love my rice cooked better so it would be rated better by other people.

25 Mar 2010

This is like the little sister restraunt of the big chat thai in the city. Its much smaller but you dont have to wait. so this is my favoruite. bit of a drive for me but its definatley worth it.

The food is exaclty the same as the city one. but taste so good. The owner of this one looks like the brother of the city one. i think they are all family run,

The food is the best. i love chat thai thanx guys

Approximate cost: $19

20 Sep 2009

This restaurant provided nice and quality Thai food I have ever had.
Small business but the setting was nice and fast service.
The staffs are all friendly and efficient. Reliable service.
However, the location is quite far from my house.
Good local business

Approximate cost: $30

10 Aug 2009

Very small restaurant that seat no more than 20 people at the most and very uncomfortable seating arrangements!
The food was full of flavour and one of the best Thai Restaurants when it comes to authentic thai.
I now get takeaway rather than eating in only because of the size of the restaurant.

Approximate cost: $13

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