3 reviews about Cheese World

07 Jul 2013

Really enjoyed our visit to this cheese sampling store. A cafe which has great milkshakes and coffee (and food). Souvenirs and local produce is also available. Cheese tasting and explanation of the cheese was good. Cheese specials were good. Nice break.

17 Oct 2012

Cheese heaven! If you love cheese then you should definately come here. They have a wide variety of speciality cheeses that taste wonderful. You can sample before you buy. There is also a small museum within the shop which is free of charge. Even if you don't wan't to buy anything you should still come and visit because the shop is absolutely fantastic and is a tourist attraction.

20 Feb 2008

We went there expecting a cheese WORLD.... there was the promise of a museum and cheese tasting. We expected a cheese factory, where we could sample different types of cheese, see cheese making and have an exciting few hours there.

But "cheeseworld" is in actual fact a one room cheese shop. A little anticlimactic. There is also a small milkbar section selling basic groceries and a cafe type area. Across the road is a cheese factory, but that's as close to the cheese making process you get - driving past the factory to get into cheeseworld's carpark

The "museum" was in fact a shed out the back with random old fashioned items (typewrites, suitcases, cooking utensils etc.).. probably not much more than you'd find at grandma's house.... a couple of more interesting items like an old petrol pump and horse drawn wagon, some old machinery (not relating to cheese) and another shed full of more old (and mostly identical) pieces of machinery (again not even related to cheese) .

There was one sign board that showed photos of an old piece of cheese making machinery, and a few photos of how they make some of the flavoured cheese. I would have hoped for at least a video showing some aspect of cheese making or something more.

The cheese tasting was also disappointing. While their selection of cheese for sale was quite large, there were 5 cheeses for us to taste. Their own brand of Cheddar, cheddar with tomato & chive, cheddar with garlic, cheddar with bacon and matured cheddar. That was it. No soft cheese or blue cheeses to taste, nothing new and unusual. Which was a shame. Among the varieties of cheese they sold was goats cheese, blue cheese, lavender cheese and other cheeses I was hoping to sample. We even asked about sampling other cheeses, and were told that they only give samples of their cheddars, unless some of the other cheeses were close to their use by date and they wanted to use them up (comforting thought....)

We did end up buying a few small blocks of the flavoured cheddars we had tasted - pretty much just to make the trip worthwhile. At least the milkbar part also sold crackers to enjoy our cheese with.

So if you are looking for a cheese shop, then all well and good - it does indeed sell cheese :) but it is not the exciting venue than the name "Cheeseworld" implies.

Approximate cost: $free entry

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