10 reviews about Cheltenham Fish & Chip Shop

01 Nov 2014

a good fish and chips shop close to me too.good quality with great prices and friendly staff. definitely will be back again and again.kids definitely will love the chips

26 Apr 2013

A good old fashioned fish and chip place. Good quality, quick and friendly service and good prices. The only problem is they only take cash, no Eftpos.

07 Jan 2013

yum yum yum! Fish and chips at its best! light batter and crunch in the chips (not soggy). Have the chicken salt! Can't go wrong here, the staff are friendly and it's good value for money

15 Oct 2011

Really enjoyed the fish n chips from this shop - agree with other users that the batter is quite light and doesn't leave you feeling like an oil slick after eating it. Highly recommended:)

Approximate cost: $10

11 Mar 2011

I absolutely love this place. Their fish and chips is so delicious and value for money. Excellent customer service as well, they chat with their customers when they are not so busy. Ordered a hamburger once, delicious as well.

30 Dec 2010

Yummy! Nothing goes past the fish and chips here!! I have been known to peel my batter off my fish in this childish manner and save it for last because it is so good. The chips will also not disappoint, they are so crunchy and delicious!!

19 Sep 2010

This is my grandparents' local Fish and Chippery. It is very nice ... but very greasy ... but it is still nice. Just one tip: do not get any potato cakes - grease overload.

24 Nov 2009

Really nice food here, been my local for about 6 years. One of the better fish and chip shops in the area. The batter they use is light and crispy. I know what you mean about grumpy though, I think they've been working there many years and that's just there way. I've often had friendly chats when I make the effort. They are busy alot of the time I'm there, so maybe they're just tired?? Maybe try saying hello....and you may get a smile!!

09 Sep 2009

Remember the old school fish&chips from the 80's? Cooked in really hot oil so the chips are golden and the potato cakes have the crusty bits all over them? This is the place. Can get pretty busy especially in summer, but that just goes to show it's the right place!

30 Sep 2007

One of the better fish and chip shops in the area. The batter they use is light and crispy rather than oily. The fish has flavour too.
The only bad thing is the service isn't always particularly friendly.

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