9 reviews about Chemistworks

21 Jan 2018

great big store with everything that you may need,have been in their somedays and they have been super busy,friendly helpful staff.

13 Jan 2018

2 levels of health and beauty items,mixed with a large range of quick gifts,lots of specials in store.staff are friendly .and 24 hour service is available.

11 Sep 2016

Great staff, very friendly & helpful. The store is big & has a huge array of products. The best part is its a 24 hour, 7 days a week all year round open for business pharmacy. That is great for parents who may need medicine for their children in the middle of the night! Pharmacists are very knowledgeable.

22 Oct 2013

What i love about Chemistworks is that its open 24/7, its always convenient when anyone in the family is sick to come here and grab the medicines needed. The staff are always helpful and every time you spend and use the club card you receive points which after you have reached the certain points they give you a free $10 credit on it to spend in-store. It helps to receive rewards when you spend so much on medicine and other things..

02 Sep 2013

I have been coming to this chemist for years & in this time, I have had mixed experiences. I mainly come here to buy perfumes, make up or medicine. Staff are usually friendly & happy to help you out with questions. They can be quite understaffed at times. One day I was waiting here with a friend for at least 10 minutes & the lady didn't acknowledge that we were there at all & this caused us to walk out. Overall, I would say they are a great chemist as it is large & has a variety of products available & it is great they are open 24 hours a day!

kathys15 13 Sep 2013 · 100% Trust

This is the best chemist I've ever been to they have the biggest rang of baby products and toddler needs they r quick with perceptions and a great price all round four stars from me

31 Aug 2013

I have been using this Chemist for 30 years now as I pretty much grew up with this Chemist and the fact that it's now open 24 hours is great. I often come here to fill my scripts all ask advice off the Chemist , who are always happy to assist and offer advice where needed! Had my daughters ears pierced here, my youngest son used to visit the baby nurse here every Tuesday... staff are friendly and they do great makeovers in store at the Natio & Napolean Perdis counters. Great Chemist, highly recommended within Stocklands Mall.

27 Oct 2010

I have been using this pharmacy for years and always go there for advice. The staff are always happy to help. Even better now that its open 24hours. Lots parking and weekly specials to keep going back for.

Approximate cost: $15

19 Sep 2010

not really interested in customer service...scripts are "take a number and wait a year" system..floor staff are nice but the poor attitude of the chemists outway how nice the till operator is...they have lost scripts then blamed me, they do not follow up if products are out of stock and i would not use them for any type of health advise

Approximate cost: $15

21 Jan 2010

A very large pharmacy, and the only one in Stockland Shopping Centre. The staff have a lot of knowledge to share with you and are most happy too. A few staff weren't the most friendliest but when asked, provided the service. The store is well decorated with lots of information for you to look through.

Velvethearts 26 Jul 2014 · 100% Trust

They do have Priceline Phamacy in Stocklands as well... so it's not the only pharmacy!

AznSilver 26 Jul 2014 · 100% Trust

This was four years ago.....

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