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48 reviews about Cherie Horne Adventure Trekking & High Performance Training

02 Feb 2016

“Our trek through Nepal to Everest Base Camp via Gokyo Lakes was an experience that will stay with us for a lifetime. In particular crossing the Cho La Pass, summiting Gokyo Ri and Kala Patthar.
The personalised level of service that Cherie provided both pre-trek and during the trek meant that I was able to achieve my goals.
The pre-trek training was invaluable, not only in ensuring that I was physically ready for the challenge but it provided an opportunity like no other trek I’ve completed before to get to know the team we would be travelling and trekking with. It proved to be a team that we have now formed such strong bonds with and we will be friends for many more years to come.
Cherie’s commitment to each of us (her clients) individually was nothing short of exceptional.
From assisting in planning equipment needs, pre-trek training to constant encouragement, reassurance and assistance during the trek. We felt completely, safe, empowered and accomplished!
Thanks for an unforgettable trek Cherie."
Tracy King, (Everest Base Camp via Gokyo Lakes & Cho La Pass, September, 2015).

23 Dec 2015

“What can you say about Cherie Horne?
Well I guess I will start with that I am a ‘3T Trekker’ with her….. (3 time Trekker)!
I have trekked to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro with her and survived!
WHY you may ask?
Because Cherie prepared me, trained me, cared for me and inspired me!
She’s my Personal Trainer… Like a best friend… and well one hell of a caring person.
In her eyes nothing is more important than her trekkers!
That’s how I became a 3T Trekker with her.
I have jumped straight back into more trekking and have been to Everest Base Camp twice with her, the most recent to EBC via Gokyo Lakes.
Why you may ask would I be silly enough to do it twice?
Well it’s the training with Cherie; she prepares you so well that you are prepared for almost everything….
So then you are ready to encounter just how beautiful, life changing, rewarding and inspiring a trip to the most beautiful places in the world is thanks, to having been trained and guided by Cherie.
You can only look forward and enjoy the most rewarding experiences in the world and your life!
And not to forget the lifetime friendships that you make on these trips!
I guess that’s a small snap shot of Cherie …
But nothing really explains the passion that Cherie has…
She Instills… inspires, shows, and passes on to everybody that passion that passes through Chez‘s life!
Thank you for that honour to be a friend mate!”
Ian (Crano) – 3rd Time Trekker (Everest Base Camp via Gokyo Lakes & Cho La Pass, September, 2015 .Kilimanjaro 2013, Everest Base Camp & Kala Patthar 2013).

03 Dec 2015

Leaving my 3 young kids and husband to go on an adventure to Everest Base Camp was a big deal for me. I knew as soon as I met Cherie that I was in very good hands. Cherie was very supportive and helpful and she eased some initial reservations about this epic adventure. The pre-trek training program was excellent and I was very thankful for it on some of the harder trekking moments. Cherie was great in helping get prepared not just with training, but organising clothes, gear, visas and other incidentals.

Cherie is an amazingly strong woman with a great attitude on life. Her rapport with the local Nepalese and her love for the country and people are evident. As a team we were well looked after every step of the way and personally she would check in on each of us to make sure we were OK and eating our food!

The EBC trek was a trip of a lifetime and I loved every moment. It was a life changing experience for me and I would love to do a trek with Cherie again and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to do a trek.
Sarah Butler, (Everest Base Camp & Kala Patthar, October, 2015).

02 Dec 2015

“I trekked to Everest Base Camp with Cherie in October 2015. Cherie is so dedicated to her clients – she will literally stay by your side and hold your hand all the way if you need it. Cherie gives peace of mind to those who may feel nervous about trekking to altitude and will coach you on everything you need to keep healthy and reach your goals. My most memorable experience was trekking to a 5,000m peak, just me, Cherie and one of our amazing Sherpa guides. When we got to the top Cherie passed me her phone so that i could call my mum. Cherie goes out of her way to create those special moments for her clients. Thank you Cherie for an amazing experience.”
Aimee Black, (Everest Base Camp, October, 2015).

01 Dec 2015

“After trekking to Everest Base Camp with Cherie, I would have no hesitation in booking another epic trek with her, or recommending her to anyone for an amazing trekking holiday. It’s incredible to experience Cherie’s skills as a mountain guide, she has certainly found her calling in life and her whole purpose and passion is to make sure you have the experience of a lifetime. As one of her interstate clients, my initial contact with Cherie was almost a year before the trek, yet she never faltered in ensuring I felt part of the group. Weekly phone calls, fantastic training programs and regular emails were just part of her commitment to me, so by the time I boarded the plane to Kathmandu, I was nothing short of ready for this “life changing” adventure. She has the perfect balance of interesting information, personal stories and friendly conversation. This, along with her comprehensive, specialised knowledge of hiking, altitude science, medicine and nutrition meant that we were in the best possible hands the entire journey!
Thank you for being there every step of the way Cherie”
Raelene Thornton, (Everest Base Camp & Kala Patthar, October, 2015).

01 Dec 2015

“The Everest Base Camp trek was my second trekking holiday with Cherie after the fantastic experience of trekking up Mt Kilimanjaro with her in 2013.
Before you even get to Nepal, Cherie is dedicated to ensure everyone’s trekking experience is the best it can be – you would not get this kind of amazing personalised service if you go with a large tour operator.
Cherie guided us through the pre-trip training and helped with our general preparation so I felt very confident to take on the mountains. Cherie is a wealth of information and so generous with her time. Then on the trip everything was really well organized so all I needed to focus on was eating, sleeping and trekking through the stunning mountains of Nepal. Cherie also threw in the occasional free massage after a big day trekking – what a great holiday!
Thanks again Cherie for going above and beyond! I loved the trek and won’t forget the experience!”
Dave Pearce, (Everest Base Camp, October, 2015).

07 Sep 2015

Feel like some inspiration?
Check out our amazing, inspiring guide Cherie!
Before we've even boarded our plane for Nepal Cherie Horne has been there every step of the way with advice, encouragement & ridiculous amounts of positivity.
If you are even remotely contemplating a dream adventure holiday, I can't recommend Cherie highly enough.
Everest Base Camp here we come!!!

06 Apr 2015

"Having never trekked at altitude, donned crampons, nor climbed anything of note other than the odd tree or two as a kid, it would be fair to say that the scaling of Island Peak in Nepal at 6.18am, inclusive of a 400 foot near vertical ice wall to reach the summit, was certainly somewhat out of my '55 year old' comfort zone as a first endeavour.
Suffice to say, it will not be my last!
Our guide, Cherie, was magnificent in all respects. And not just because she can carry a 25+kg pack with ease!
Apart from being an expert mountaineer, Cherie is such a positive, caring person who is genuinely interested in the welfare of all her clients, irrespective of age, gender, fitness level, etc.
To this end, if any member of the trekking team needed assistance or a shoulder to lean on (either before or during the 18 day journey), Cherie was always there to help out.
On top of this, her preparation, training and organisational skills were meticulous and made the whole experience possible and most enjoyable.
Thanks again, Cherie, amazing."
Greg Keys, (Island Peak, Nepal, October, 2014).

02 Apr 2015

"When you sign up with Cherie Horne, it's a bit like hiring a buzz saw. You are reasonably confident that it will do the job but when you start it up, wow it goes like the clappers!
You will get to know that Cherie never rests!
I spent almost two weeks with Cherie and six other trekkers hiking to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro.
She exudes warmth, care and friendship underpinned with strength, determination and utter professionalism.
All of these attributes mean that if you are in it for the 'journey', Cherie makes sure that it is friendly and safe with maximum experiences. For me this meant her incredibly detailed introduction to the trek that helped frame expectations. Getting to know fellow trekkers whilst still in Australia made me feel more supported on the walk. Then eight days of hiking in the middle of Africa with extraordinary sights and amazing people. The only pressure applied was, eat and drink more and slow down and enjoy.
After our climb, we went on a four day safari. This ticked all the boxes in game viewing.
For those in it for the "destination" I am 100% confident that if you follow the advice provided by Cherie, you will achieve your aim. She is supremely fit, an experienced mountaineer, personal trainer and very handy medically. When the going gets tough, Cherie will be there. This meant eight weeks of specially designed physical training and review and testing of all our gear. On the trek, keeping an eye on our fitness. Then near the top of Kilimanjaro Cherie spending hours going back and forth making sure that every trekker reached his or her goal.
Either way, you will not be disappointed."
Geoff O'Kearney, (Kilimanjaro Climb and Safari, Jan-Feb, 2015)

10 Mar 2015

“What an introduction to Nepal!
Trekking to Everest Base Camp under the expert guidance of a consummate professional, Cherie.
She had me so well prepared in mind, body and spirit for this wonderful and incredible journey.
Her inspiration and attention to all aspects of health and fitness in the pre-trek training campaign, I believe to be unsurpassed.
I could not have been better prepared for this amazing trek.
Her unwavering commitment to all her mountain trekking guests is second to none.
Did trekking in the Himalayas change my life?
A resounding yes!!
Back your soul to the Himalaya and come away, at peace with the planet.”
Warrick Middleton, (Everest Base Camp Trek & Kala Patthar, October, 2014).

Dear Warrick,
Thank you so much for your glowing WOMO review.
It gives me so much pleasure to read the words you write, knowing that I was able to provide you with a truly life-changing experience.
Your goal to trek to the base of the highest mountain in the world became my goal from the moment you signed up....and we achieved that together!
How incredible it was!
To see your excitement, captivation, spirit and determination each day during the trek (and before during the 8 week pre-trek training program) was amazing.
You were always destined to explore the beauty of Nepal and I feel privileged to have guided you all the way!
The memories we share are magic....just like the Himalayas!
To train and condition you prior to the trek was extremely satisfying and beneficial for your preparation both physically and psychologically.
The simulated altitude training, endless stairs, pack carry hikes, beach sessions...the list goes on, was so enjoyable not to mention the key ingredient to your successful Everest Base Camp achievement.
Thank you for trekking with Cherie Horne Adventure Trekking, I cant wait to guide you around the Gokyo Lakes region in September 2015!
Back to the Himalayan mountains we go!
Congratulations Wazza,
Kindest regards,

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