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24 reviews about Chess Moving Australia

01 Apr 2017

Iwould not recommend Chess movers for International moves! We sent goods to USA from Sydney, and the ground crew was fast but some boxes got packed upside down resulting in damage upon arrival. The USA side was awful- first they told us goods were ready then they said US customs wanted to examine the contents, after another week they said goods were ready anf not only did we owe US Customss $2500 but another $400+ in demurrage fees- how is that our cost?? They said it was Customs that delayed it, sorry it's our cost! Then a box went missing that was due to a wrong count, never found it. DO NOT ship goods into the USA, just sell everything and buy again when you get here!!

07 Feb 2017

From the first phone call to the completion of the move my experience was first class. Yes a wonderful surprise when I spoke to someone immediately on the phone. I loved that. Michelle Kennedy was bright, breezy, knowledgable and very helpful. Both Michelle and Brian Hooper answered my queries promptly and gave assurances that everything was doable and achievable.
Both Shaun and James and who did the move were polite, considerate and supportive during the move offering suggestions and finding solutions as they arose. They disassembled and reassembled and placed items in my new home that worked and was sensible.
The access points at both units was challenging whoever they made light work of it. The move went smoothly and like clockwork.
The next day I received a call from James who had noticed that I had placed some important documents in the disposal items. He retrieved them and then delivered them to me in person. I am grateful that that they took the time and care to do this. I can't thank them enough. Great service by all the team.. Lena. Perth WA.

12 Dec 2016

I cannot thank Brian Hooper and his team for the assistance they provided during my move from a high rise apartment in Crawley, WA. Being in an apartment block, restrictions put on by the body Corporate made the move more complicated than usual. I could not have managed without there assistance. Thank you all. I recommend Chess Removals to anyone moving house. December 2016.
Monday 20th of Feb. Another move from storage to high rise. Once again an amazing effort by the team. I would highly recommend them, especially, if the job is not straight forward, Brian has great problem solving skills

13 Oct 2016

Chess Tasmania moved us to WA from Hobart and they were terrible. I would never recommend them as they they damaged items and lost items, one of which was never recovered. The other items when found had been left on the dock somewhere in Tasmania and then had to be shipped over using other companies to get it here within a reasonable time frame...which still took an extra 2 weeks on top of the three it took to get our furniture in the first place. Which I might add we were quoted it would take two and we were in a hurry and were never informed there were any other options for getting it there faster. A friend of mine went with another company and got her furniture to Perth from Tassie in 10 days!! Chess initially came across as helpful but once they had our money they didn't give a toss about our life possessions , as I previously mentioned they lost items and damaged items and they didn't care how long it took to get the items to get to our destination.The inconvenience and emotional toil they made us suffer was awful and they were not prepared to compensate us in any way even after I sent a long detailed complaint to a Board Director! I cannot stress strongly enough do not use Chess!

08 Oct 2016

Before the actual grim details, I would like to stress that our contact in Sydney was nothing short of superb, a real asset to Chess. However, the rest was terrible! When the men came to pack, they first put the radio on without even asking me if that would be ok. They completely underpacked almost every box that they packed themselves; when we opened the boxes in the UK, one huge box had 6 mugs in it, and the rest was fresh air and packing paper. Even kitchen towels were overwrapped in masses of paper. We even found empty packing tape cylinders and waste rubbish which they kindly shipped around the world for us! During the initial survey, we were told to expect 4 boxes for our small kitchen; this turned out to be 12. To be fair, there was not much damage (apart from a shattered chair) but the underpacking was appalling. Had I known they would not be using specialist boxes for kitchen items, I would have thrown half of it out. If you use Chess, pack the items yourself to save yourself a fortune. Chess did give us a small refund for this, but when I complained about them shipping their own waste, the matter was simply passed back to the Sydney office and I was told that I had already been refunded. I was actually only after an acknowledgement of the poor service from their senior management, but this was not forthcoming. Further to this, the shipment took 15 weeks (we were quoted 9-12) and we were unable to track the shipment whilst it was en route. The guys on the day were also initially unable to get our table out of our property (myself and a friend had got it in ourselves in 30 seconds), and I was asked to help them to get it out. They were clearly not happy about having to struggle with this item. All in all, really not great service, and I simply cannot recommend them.

26 Apr 2016

My parents moved interstate from Hobart to Sydney, and their agent was from the Hobart office. This complaint is about missing boxes, approximately 48 boxes packed, of which only 40 were delivered. At time of delivery, the delivery guys were informed there were boxes missing, but they insisted that this was everything and it was all accounted for. A call was also made to the Hobart moving agent to report the incomplete delivery of boxes. My parents were told that the boxes were probably sitting in the warehouse somewhere, and that items don’t go missing. They found this statement somewhat re-assuring and signed the delivery documents hoping that the remaining boxes would turn up in the second delivery of larger items.

3 weeks later, only the remaining large furniture items were delivered, no sign of the missing boxes. Again, the Hobart agent is contacted and reminded about the missing items. A call is made a couple of weeks later to follow up. He tells us he had contacted the delivery driver to check the paperwork, and because the delivery papers were signed, that is end of story. No further follow up was going to occur on their end as it has effectively relieved them of any further responsibility.

Based on other reviews, the incidence of missing boxes doesn’t seem to be a one-off occurrence.

If the items were of no monetary or sentimental value, we probably wouldn’t have bothered. Among the items that are lost (stolen), are limited edition comics, costume jewellery, brand new knives, near new handbags, and most distressing of all are photo albums which cannot be replaced and these memories have most likely ended up thrown in the trash as they are of no value to anyone else.

Although Chess labelled and numbered the boxes, they seem unable/unwilling to track items in their own system.

We will never use these guys again or recommend this company to anyone else. They have made this moving experience extremely stressful and distressing, with no hope of recovering the lost items, a lot with sentimental value which cannot be replaced. Once they have your money and paperwork they don't want to know about any problems or complaints. Steer clear.!

mike-minns629 17 Aug 2016 · 70% Trust

Sorry to hear you had problems. See our review of our move from Sydney to San Francisco below.

I couldn't agree with this more:

"Once they have your money and paperwork they don't want to know about any problems or complaints. Steer clear.!"

29 Mar 2016

We cannot not speak highly enough for the service provided by Chess Moving North Queensland and their team. The effort that the guys put in at the pickup address was nothing short of sensational. This address had fairly difficult access and a long sloping driveway. We had plenty of heavy and sometimes fragile goods and everything was handled with a smile. At the end of the day I could see that the guys were absolutely stuffed but still finished with a smile. Fantastic.
The delivery to Carrington on the 21st went equally as well. Access was a lot simpler however the nature of our goods didn't change - plenty of heavy and fragile stuff and all managed with care and consideration.
We have begun the process of unpacking everything and getting the house sorted and our furniture and property all arrived in great condition. No breakages or damage that we have been able to see.
We are extremely pleased with the services provided by Chess Moving North Queensland and more-so with their professional team of guys at both the pick-up and delivery. It is a first class service and one that I would definitely recommend to anyone else looking for a removal company that actually takes care with what they do.
Chess Moving North Queensland should be commended for their selection of personnel. Every one of the people involved with our move was happy, obliging and showed tremendous enthusiasm even at the end of a very long and difficult day. Well done.
Just a note. What made our selection of Chess Moving North Queensland a great deal easier was the arrival in the mail, not long after we had listed our property for sale, of a letter from Chess offering their services for any future move. We kept this letter until our property actually sold and then included Chess in the companies asked to provide a quote. The speed with which Dean from Chess/GN responded to our request and his easy going, no nonsense approach to explaining the process made the selection of Chess/GN a no brainer. Of course the actual cost of the move was a consideration and Chess/GN were right on budget.

Approximate cost: $3500

Hello Bruce

Thank you very much for proving this valuable feedback. We appreciate you taking the time to do this/

If you could send specific details to attention paul including your reference number and full name we can congratualte the staff on a job well done

Regards Paul

18 Nov 2015

I have used John before this move and he is a very meticulous person and very understanding of peopes worries.
I highly recommend him and his team,Both in Australia and in the UK,
110% efficiency

16 Oct 2015

I would like to send my thanks to Simon and the other packers who were conducted themselves professionally and with expedience during their time at our home.
They made a stressful time for myself and my family a little easier.

Approximate cost: $1000

24 Sep 2015

We used Chess to relocate my family from Sydney to San Francisco. I can't
comment on the experiences of others but ours was very poor.
Up until they had a received our payment Chess were very attentive,
assuring us about the quality and reputation of their service. Their price
was competitive, but not by a huge amount, but we agreed to use it.
The removals team arrived at the time agreed and completed on schedule. We
thought all was well. We then paid all fees.
At that point Chess effectively washed there hands of us and we had no
more proactive contact from them. They seemed to think their job was done
and they made no attempt to intervene when we experienced problems with
their US contractors. The US contractors never once actually bothered to
phone and talk to us directly and we only got status updates when pushed or
they wanted payment, they also provided contradictory and inaccurate
information. Despite being copied in on all communication Chess made no
attempt to assist unless explicitly prodded into action, this was despite
our contract being with Chess, the US subcontractors were their choice and
their responsibility.
We thought this was as bad as it would get but when our possessions were
delivered we discovered that Chess' "professional" packing service included
wrapping fish bbq equipment in my business suits, deliberately breaking
items to fit in packing boxes that were obviously too small, "packing" by
tipping contents of existing storage boxes loose into packing boxes,
stuffing corsetry and underwired dresses into one end of a box under a
record player, hair dryer and other heavy items.
The damage to our property was not accidental in anyway and don't expect
any assistance from Chess if you have any problems after you've handed over
your cheque. We've moved internationally before and never experienced a service as bad.

Approximate cost: $9999

mminns 04 Nov 2015 · 60% Trust

I thought it important to update our post, especially in light of recent media attention on fake reviews, e.g.

Firstly, in the interests of transparency and balance, I should mention that we made a claim for the physical damaged to our possessions, caused by the packing, through the insurance we had arranged through Chess before moving. Chess said they would expedite the claim. I have no way to verify if they did or not, but the claim was settled quickly and in full.

However despite this there are still a number of reasons why we feel our experience of moving with Chess fell well short of expectations.

1) Firstly all of the damage was due to the poor packing carried out by Chess. They have never apologised for this damage.

2) Initially Chess sounded conciliatory about the inconvenience caused by the poor packing, but they swiftly back tracked and once the insurance claim was settled, quickly suggested they had no further liability.

We disagreed, for example it took 2-3 days to sort through packing boxes where kids toys, meccano, loom bands, lego etc, had just been tipped into. These were toys that were previously stored in sorted, stackable plastic bins, perfectly capable of being wrapped as they were, or being placed inside packing boxes intact.

Some examples of the packing can be seen here:

Again there was no apology forth coming. We were not prepared to accept this so we submitted a formal invoice to account for the inconvenience and time taken. At this point Chess agreed to pay it, but only with the threat of legal action if we discussed the move publicly after settlement.

3) We still have outstanding questions around the fees we were charged for a US customs check via the US sub contractors. Essentially we received a series emails over a day, 16th September 2015, indicating our Container was to be held for additional x-ray checks, that it would soon be available for collection, that it was available for collection, that unfortunately they couldn't collect it in time and finally that we would be charged additional storage fees for the night of the 16th. at the time we were suspicious of this and when we queried this with US Customs and the Port Authority they told us that our container had checked and released, the day before, 15th September, and that they didn't understand why the container hadn't been collected on the 16th. We have never received a satisfactory explanation as to why we were charged this additional storage fee.

All in all we still feel the customer experience with Chess leaves a lot to be desired. In our experience their first response to any problem is to deny any responsibility and/or retreat to legal threats.

in the end we declined their offer to pay our invoice, as it came with too many strings attached. We have never had any apology and we would rather not surrender our legal rights than take the money.

When choosing a removals company for such a large move, reviews are invaluable. We believe it is important to be able to trust them, good or bad. This was our experience, it will have been different for others. Personally we would not recommend Chess.

I'm happy to discuss our experiences directly with anyone.

fredb543 01 Apr 2017 · 60% Trust

Yes i concur, the US side of the freight management was terrible and extra fees due to demurrage simply passed on without any responsibility.

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