35 reviews about Chesterfield Farm

14 Feb 2018

This place is so much fun, not just for kids but for adults to. My favourite was where you could pat the animals and the kids loved climbing on the hay.

43 reviews · 100% trust · 4200 points
04 May 2015

Great farm for all kids especially kinder garden aged children. They have a wide range of activities for children and its fairly cheap. Have been here plenty of times with the local kinder.

Mylady 14 Feb 2018 · 100% Trust

Lots of fun for adults to

25 May 2014

Many animals to see and little kids adore feeding them and looking at them. Admission price is great and have been there many times and everyone enjoys the experience.

Mylady 14 Feb 2018 · 100% Trust

Love this place

#58 in Warrandyte South VIC
174 reviews · 60% trust · 13830 points
13 May 2014

I have been here many times and kids love it there is no better place to interact with the animals and there are emus! This is a very popular attraction and would recommended it as a holiday activity!

#2 in Glen Waverley VIC
145 reviews · 100% trust · 9910 points
13 May 2014

Such an amusing place for the little ones, to get them into an animal spirit. It shows how to care for various canines and can teach them alot about farms. I recommend to anyone in that local area or anywhere in melbourne

MazB35 13 May 2014 · 100% Trust

Sounds great ... just the place to take my young child who loves animals

19 Feb 2014

I visited Chesterfield Farm with my 5 year old over the Christmas break. She had already been earlier in the year with her class so wanted to show me around. To be honest it was a hot day and I wasn't that keen. Happy to say however we had so much fun!

We watched the working dog show, saw a sheep being shorn, took a tractor ride around the farm, visited the market garden, patted as many animals as we could, collected feathers of every size and shape and of course wandered around the animal enclosures.

There were lots of shaded tables also so could easily have taken a picnic of our own but we made do with an ice cream from the Cafe.

A really nice day out!

I was amazed at how much my daughter recalled about her school visit also so from that perspective it was obviously a great learning experience for small children.

28 Sep 2013

I visited Chesterfield Farm with my family a few months ago, and I was pleasantly surprised with my experience. I had heard it was a "real working farm" however I doubted its authenticity, given it's suburban location.
However, any expectations I had were definitely surpassed, and I genuinely enjoyed my day.

It was exciting for all members of the family - even the teenagers - to experience milking a cow, petting the rabbits and guinea pigs, a tractor ride tour, and helping to feed the animals.

Entry costs were reasonable, and staff were friendly and informative. There was learning all round, even some new fun facts for the adults in the group.

I would definitely recommend this for families with a wide range of ages, from pre-schoolers up, and for anyone looking for a fun and unique day out.

31 Aug 2013

A fully working farm in the suburbs is a great place to take the kids without having to travel far. The staff are friendly and the kids just love it. The kids can handle some of the animals and the shows are in an enclosed area so it's weather-safe.

19 Aug 2013

I take the kids here 1-2 times every year. It's simple & the kids love it. Nice little hobby farm. The show are great for the kids. It took my daughter 3 visits to finally want to milk the cow, but then I couldn't stop her. Great life experiences for them in the fresh outdoors. I believe they had new owners move in earlier in the year, but I don't believe it has faulted.

MillyWonker 26 Aug 2013 · 100% Trust

There's bike paths into the farm so it's a nice family fun ride from local areas or Jells Park.

18 Aug 2013

This is a great small farm on Ferntree Gully Road. Great for young children. Spend time just learning about all sorts of common farm animals and patting and feeding them. Milk a cow maybe or just pat a rabbit or guinea pig, Not to entertaining for the older ones. But great for the little kids. Staff here are fantastic with Children.

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