33 reviews about China Bar

20 Nov 2018

Crowded but always great for those late nights

12 Oct 2016

Its a bit crowded when you come here but the food is good. I think theres more of a 'get in and get out' type of vibe but if you dont mind that, its a nice place to get some chinese food!

10 Aug 2014

The only times I visit this place is when it is late, as it stays open until past midnight, and I want some cheap, decent food. The service is extremely fast and their are a lot of options on the menu. Not the best quality, but decent. The manager always seems grumpy and stand-offish, but the other staff are usually friendly.

25 May 2014

Compare with China bar in other places, the China bar in Box Hill provide quick service and comparative high quality cooking food. The manager was very friendly. We tried few times dine in and few time take away. Both of these gain quite pleasant experiences.

12 Sep 2013

I love their food and its good for a quick stop in for a meal but don't expect much atmosphere. I like the cashew chicken and the roti chanai is good too.

Approximate cost: $15

16 Aug 2013

I can't get enough of their amazing food! Small and noisy restaurant, good for a quick dinner not necessarily good for an intimate night. Peking duck is fantastic as is the crispy skin pork. Highly recommended!

16 Apr 2013

This is our usual chinese eatery when we visit box hill because the food is great and comes to you very quickly. Its not a fine dining place at all, its a place where you can have a quick meal and move off to do your shopping etc. I always get the roast duck on rice, only because the duck is always prepared fresh and my mrs gets the roast pork and vegetables on rice, which is also flavoursome!

Approximate cost: $12

07 Dec 2011

This place definitely needs room for improvement. I ordered a rice dish and the rice tasted so dry.. I only had half and saved half for a couple hours later and by then the rice was even more dry.. I had crispy chicken and it definitely wasn't crispy. the only good thing is that it's open till the very wee hours of the morning.. otherwise I wouldn't recommend it.

10 Jun 2011

Maybe it was an off night... But when i went they were pretty much fresh out of everything... or at least it seemed that way since everything i attempted to order they had ran out of. and my dessert was the most grotesque ice cream i have ever laid eyes on... taste was well, ice cream... but visually no appealing

Approximate cost: $12

07 Jan 2011

They open really late at night, never fail me when I need food after 12. Food is reasonable good for the price you pay.

Approximate cost: $12

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