19 reviews about China Bar

07 Nov 2014

food is average, taste like the "standard chinese food (you know what i mean)", but the price is a little bit expensive. overall, it's not a bad deal, but dont expect any surprise.

Approximate cost: $60

02 Oct 2014

This place looked very good and we went inside and to order the food we had to write it down on a piece of paper which was strange, the dishes were very average, the noodle dish tasted like it was just coated in soya sauce, if you want a quick feed this place is alright but for great food I wouldn't recommend it

08 May 2014

I went there for lunch with my family and friends for my 2 daughters' Birthday on 24/01/2014. We all were so disappointed with the sea foods. Most dishes cooked with prawns tasted horrible and off as the prawns were not fresh and smelly. The kids only enjoyed the sushi and the sweets. There were only steam fish and the Chinese herb soups were great. The first time we went for dinner on my Birthday and the foods were fantastic but was so disappointed the second time when we returned.

Approximate cost: $180

19 Apr 2014

Leave room for dessert and the seafood is definitely worth it, we think this place is best for groups not really for two and parking is no fun, do not park near restaurant

Approximate cost: $39

13 Mar 2013

best hainan chicken rice i've eaten in Melbourne. a must eat for me everytime i make the trek down from Sydney to Melbourne. all the food there is super cheap and they allowed BYO

Approximate cost: $12

05 Nov 2012

I find the food here amazing. I've managed to walk my way in there at all hours of the night, only to be provided with delicious food. Awesome fried rice and nasi goreng and all the meat dishes and dumpling/buns are fantastic. The service is a bit ordinary and the place is pretty small, but you need to come here for the food.

05 Nov 2012

Have been to this restaurant several times although as time goes by, with more cars on the road it gets harder and harder to get there! It's in an extremely busy part of Melbourne with very limited parking opportunities. Once you get in the store you have very limited room to actually move in there as well. Lots of tables there and lots of people standing around waiting for orders. The food is made quickly and efficiently but is not all that cheap. Taste is great if you can get home to eat it within 5 hours. Try to eat in, or possibly eat in the car. Hmm, or book a hotel room? Recommended for sure.

22 Oct 2012

Very affordable and serves great food. Although the shop assistants aren't too friendly, I swear by this place to get BBQ Pork. Its cooked so well, the flavouring and crispness is great. Always good to pair with rice. I'd say its one of the best asian restaurants in China Town

Approximate cost: $11

30 Sep 2012

Its an OK place for a really quick meal on the run. Its not about ambience or fine dining. The food is basic Chinese food but its plentiful and tasty.

23 Sep 2012

I've been here twice for actual food, and got turned away the third time. Have never and will never return.

Food for the most part was crap. Felt like they were using the crappiest parts of the chicken, and the worst quality. I tried something else too, but not memorable enough. I liked the egg custard buns, though. However, if you think you're going to come here for those only - think again.

6 of us had just had dinner and were in the mood for some dessert. Being the locals, we suggested here for these buns. We were seated easily as there was only one other table of customers, given menus and when we made our order of custard buns (~$10 total) - "you need to order more, there's a $5 minimum spend per person". So our order had to come to $30 between us for dessert. Um, no? There's another shop a few doors down that does custard buns (unfortunately didn't find them until another day) cheaper and without such a horrible attitude.

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