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14 reviews about Chocolate Buddha (Federation Square)

17 Jun 2014

went here before going to an exhibition to acmi - prices were quite high, service was quite slow but the food was quite okay... quite forgettable though

tbh the only trump card here is its location, so unless we go back to acmi/fed square we probs wont go back again

05 Mar 2014

We have been eating here for years but our most recent experience was a disappointment - the service was slow and although my partner loved the slow cooked pork belly, the food seemed to have lost its cutting edge quality. Nevertheless, a great place to eat pre-theatre.

09 Jan 2014

Japanese menu, the food's not particularly authentic, so this is just an excuse for a lazy service. The food itself is rather pricey for what you get, and I don't think it's all that good either. I ordered the sushi that is described on the menu as coming with "panko crumbed prawn, kingfish, and red onion". Imagine my surprise when I got a few skinny bits of sushi with what looked like cut up bits of schnitzel inside. After asking about this a couple of times, it was explained to me that the prawn and kingfish were mashed up together, crumbed, and fried. Not what I would have expected at all, and not very tasty. In a city with so much delicious and affordable Asian food, I really can't think of any reason to visit Chocolate Buddha again

babenreviewer 17 Jun 2014 · 100% Trust

agreed about the slow service - was a bit frustrating

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11 Apr 2013

A really good place to go for a casual but good quality japanese meal, amidst a relaxed and scenic location. The lunch menu is excellent value, the bento box ($15 or $20 with a glass of wine) is enough to fill 1.5 persons or one very hungry person. Equally, the communal dining concept also offers good value. The actual food is fresh and nicely cooked. Our table really enjoyed the deep fried eggplant wedges on skewers. Service was very friendly and reasonably attentive. We were nicely surprised, as most of the dining options at federation square have been disappointing in the past.

cazzy 11 Apr 2013 · 90% Trust

Informative review good one

REDMARTINI 19 Jun 2013 · 100% Trust

I'll have to go to try the eggplant wedges!

11 Sep 2012

This is funky restaurant in Fed Square with basically all Japanese food. I ordered the only Korean thing on the menu, Bibimbup. It was a huge serve and very tasty. The other two people I was with ordered the miso ramen and enjoyed it. Lovely friendly service and the fact that we went late afternoon made it a very enjoyable meal.

sandrar6 11 Sep 2012 · 100% Trust

This place sounds interesting. I have never heard of it before.

21 Apr 2012

Fantastic location. It's an interesting set up. There are huge tables which seat about 20 people and different groups share these. You can't book but I've never had to wait too long and you can always have a drink in the bar while you wait.
The food here is amazing - the menu is extensive and there are good options for vegetarians and gluten free. Highly recommended!

04 Sep 2011

I like the food. I love the location. It is slightly pricey but the food it is good. Sushi is really good here.

Approximate cost: $30

02 Dec 2010

Chocolate Buddha is conveniently located in Federation Square and is a great place to catch up with friends for a casual meal. The menu includes gluten free products. Free range organic eggs, beef and organically farmed chicken also feature on the extensive Japanese menu. I have eaten there several times. You can eat outside if youlike. Last time I was there I enjoyed Grilled Shake (salmon served with okra and rice). It was exquisite, but simple meal. However, more exotic dishes are available, including freshly rolled hand rolls. Coffee is excellent, as is the chai. Do visit their website so you can see if the menu and prices appeal to you.

Approximate cost: $20-$30

REDMARTINI 19 Jun 2013 · 100% Trust

I think I'm going to have to check this place out after reading so man great reviews for it.

02 Dec 2010

The sushi is fabulous at Chocolate Buddha and it's a great spot to sit and watch the world go by. Central to everything, and the service is great - would recommend this!

03 Jul 2010

One of my fav city restaurants to stop for dinner before a show - sushi is exquisite, love the teriyaki beef - worth the cost, was last at Choc Buddha during the Jazz Festival and was able to sit outside and watch a free show whilst enjoying my dinner!

REDMARTINI 19 Jun 2013 · 100% Trust

Sounds great. I didn't know it was there, but I'll have to go now!

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