Chumley Warner's Traditional British Fish & Chips

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14 reviews about Chumley Warner's Traditional British Fish & Chips

30 Dec 2018

As a special treat, my husband took me to dine at Chumley Warner's on Saturday night. I discovered that they also sell pies with mushy peas and chips, so, as a pie lover, I ordered that while my fish-loving husband ordered the cod and chips. The business was very busy with both take-away orders and dine-ins like us. We had to wait a while, but that was okay. My meal was served in a polystyrene container and the fish and chips were wrapped in traditional paper. They even had plastic cutlery for us to us. All good fun. However, I have to confess that this was one of the worst meals I have ever had. The pie had lots of meat and would have been good except that it had obviously been reheated in a microwave and was soggy. The mushy peas were piled onto the chips, not the pie, thus making the chips soggy. There was a very generous serve of chips but you could taste the oil they were cooked in. Not nice. My husband enjoyed the fish but he prefers crumbed rather than battered and they only serve battered fish. Would not go again.

21 Jun 2018

Every British person in the world needs to visit chumleys!!!!! Best British fish and chips in Brisbane! They are amazing! Friendly staff roo

Approximate cost: $5

01 May 2018

My son recommended this place to us, he said it was the best fish and chips he has had in a long time. It's a bit exspensive but but rather yummy

05 Apr 2018

My fave place to go to for good old traditional English fish and chips with all the extra perks!
StAff are friendly and the food tasTes amazing!!!!!
Could do with more seating but I defffo can’t complain about anything else

14 Nov 2014

the times I have been ere are very disappointing, one time they gave me the wrong order!! I have had to stand and wait to be served for far too long sometimes and the food is also appalling, very greasing soggy. Not very impressed by this store

17 Dec 2013

I stood at the counter for at least three minutes, perhaps even four (it seemed like ages). Several customers collected their orders while I waited, but there was no recognition that I was there. I could have been the invisible man!
Eventually one of the girls asked me if I was collecting an order. I explained that, no, I was waiting to order. The other girl said 'O that's me', as if I was supposed to know I was standing in front of the 'wrong' employee.
I placed my order, waited (not too long) and took the meals home.
The disappointment I experienced in the shop was matched by the quality of the meals (mini cod and chips - no vinegar). Perhaps the English like greasy batter and chips that are (mostly) more like offcuts, ends or reject bits, but I have to say (sadly) that I wasn't at all impressed, and neither was my wife (who is part English).
Sorry Chumley Warner's. You have lost me as a customer.

Approximate cost: $10

tabatham 18 Dec 2013 · 100% Trust

pity, the name makes them sound good

28 May 2013

We've visited here a few times and this is the closest you will get to British fish and chips! We know as that's where we come from! And for the price the portions are more than adequate! If you want fish and chips at its best, you must take a visit here!

23 Nov 2012

We visit on a regular basis and love the traditional fish & chips, the friendly service and the great outdoor eating area. Very clean outlet and the tastes take me back to Britain ,even though I am an Aussie who loved my time over there.

Approximate cost: $15

cleoangel 24 Nov 2012 · 100% Trust

I've heard good things about this place. Will make an effort to go now.

12 Nov 2012

Best fish and chips I have ever eaten and I'm not even British. I would highly recommend this place. I have been told it is as close to the proper thing as you can get.

Approximate cost: $13

20 Apr 2012

Decent british fish and chips. We both got large....should have got it between us as there was way too much food.

Approximate cost: $18

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