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10 reviews about Clue Detective Puzzle Agency

25 Jul 2010

Crosswords are the books that have kept my elderly mother ALIVE.She is 78yrs with terminal cancer,she is God Loving a Britain.She does crosswords every morning from 2am to 7am when I get back up to get her dressed,showered,breakfast,then she spends her days checking her results with out a doubt she never seems to find a crossword that she cannot complete.SHE IS A WALKING TALKING GENIUS

Approximate cost: $37.00 year

04 Jun 2015

I get together with a group at the local Neighborhood House.
It is a great exercise in brain gymnastics.
We learn to write Crosswords, Codewords and Crptic Crosswords. We also have lots of fun and find that we are very competitive.

jessicah14 02 Dec 2017 · 100% Trust

Thanks for your review. It made me really curious and I went and checked them out as I'm looking for something to get my kids brains whirring a little faster. Thank you.

08 May 2015

I love Clue Detective! A fantastic range of puzzles and crosswords that are entertaining and challenging! A perfect way to spend my 'time out' with a cuppa and still keep my brain active. I've been a member for 12 months now and have enjoyed immensely :-)

19 Dec 2013

Great puzzles; challenging & interesting; sent regularly ensures that I look forward to receiving them

07 May 2012

One of my favourite site when i have nothing to do.. its full of fun activity like crosswords... perfect for all ages..

07 May 2012

online entertainment. i play the puzzles on occasion, to keep my mind fresh. easy to use layout, and endless hours of entertainment. great site.

27 Dec 2010

This site is lots of fun for whoever likes puzzles and quizzes. I use the puzzles and quizzes they have and it's lots of fun!

19 Sep 2010

I just used the sudoku puzzles, they're fun and much easier than using a pen, nice site and the general knowledge quiz was fun to

Approximate cost: $free for sudoku

18 May 2010

I have known Crosswords For Fun (Clue Detective Puzzle Agency) for many years and they are a source of ever-changing and very entertaining puzzles. How do they come up with them all?

01 Jul 2009

I've been a member of Crosswords-for-Fun (Clue Detective Puzzle Agency) for several months now (maybe longer?)and I've got to say - I'm addicted! The crosswords themselves are great and for only $37 a year, there's more than I can get through. I think doing cross words is a great way to keep your brain sharp - more people should get into them! My husband watches a lot of sport on tv so I find doing crosswords is a great marriage saver!

THey also do crosswrods with all kinds of themes (movies, music, sports, etc) also do all kinds of other puzzles (but I like the crosswords best!).

I've only had a query once that I needed help with and my question was answered quickly too - great customer service.

Approximate cost: $37

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