7 reviews about Cold Rock Ice Creamery

04 Jan 2013

We all know that cold rock icecream is awesome but here I am rating on this particular shop. The service always comes with a smile and the customers are appreciated. The store is always very clean and inviting.

21 Jun 2009

The male staff are great and some of the girls are too. I love this place so much! Would recommend to everyone:). The only problem is the out do every other ice cream place so you can't go anywhere else! Nice work guys.

Approximate cost: $5

14 Apr 2009

First thing I notice is the apparent owner of the store is serving the ice cream, which is always great to see, as more care goes into making it a great experience for the customer. The choice of ice cream is also great and frozen drinks are top rate.

Approximate cost: $8

06 Apr 2009

awesome place, awesome ice cream! lots of different flavours of ice cream, i even got coconut! and even though the servings may appear small, I guarantee you'll have trouble finishing it! And I love it how they crunch/crush up lollies and choccies to put in the ice cream!

Approximate cost: $5 regular cup

09 Nov 2008

yumm, i love these icecreams! they have fantastic taste and they are cold. i was a bit sceptical when my sister told me about them but i had a free taste so i went with it.

08 Oct 2008

The quality of the ice creams are good, many different choices
It is somehow kind of expensive when you end up going there with the family and the service sometime is disappointing as the young kids are not experienced
But overall good to have in the neighborhood

Approximate cost: $10

07 Jul 2008

Everything you have ever wanted in an ice-cream bar! Being able to combine your favourite ice-cream and favourite chocolate and lollies is great! Lots of fun for the kids too.

Approximate cost: $5

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