29 reviews about Computers & Parts Land (CPL)

17 Mar 2017

I ordered a gaming keyboard, hoping to give it as a gift on Saturday, and paid good money for it including a ridiculous express shipping cost. I thought I would get the order by Friday as they are located in Melbourne and had the product in stock. I called the store earlier in the morning to make sure they had the item in stock and that they can ship the order the same day. I was told by the customer service that they can ship it if the payment was received before noon. I paid for the order vai Paypal as it's fast, and the transaction was completed by 11.30.

Not only they didn't process my order, the send me the email saying there was a problem at 6.30 in the evening, giving me no time to try to deal with any issues they might have. Knowing they already messed up the order and there was no way I could get the order by today, as the order was still on hold in spite of the successful payment, I called the customer service in hopes of giving them a chance to redeem themselves.

I couldn't be more wrong! I called them and was on hold for 5 mins when the customer service operative took the call. The first thing he told me was to hold the line longer, and put me on hold. When he finally answered, not only the customer service operative was unhelpful, he was rude and was shouting at me to send them an email to get a refund. You'd think the operative could take down that customer called to get a refund, or be polite about asking to send an email, but this customer service operative couldn't care less if the customer receives any service at all. He didn't care if the store was losing business, he just wanted the customer to go away and deal with the issue via email.

I'm sure as a customer, you don't wanna be dealing with that kind of service. I suggest you do future shopping from any other store but this in order to avoid a nasty experience.

17 Nov 2016

Their customer service is beyond horrible. Sent in a computer part for Warranty replacement as it was faulty when I recieved it. It's been over a month and they are avoiding my emails AND avoiding my calls. On top of that, they want me to pay for shipping of the broken part they gave to me. [redacted due to inflammatory generalisation] DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM!

05 Nov 2016

Told me the repair will be 50$ and will take 2 days, I came, they wanted 25$ for inspection (there was nothing to inspect). I called back a week later, they wanted for the repair 220$, and it's 15min job!!! They reeled me in with an inspection, and held my equipment hostage until I agreed to pay the service price!!!!
I had to go there 5 times!!!
eventually took my laptop and left!!!
stay away!!!

Approximate cost: $220

27 Oct 2016

I bought a chair from the store in West Melbourne more than a month ago, they said it'll arrive in 2 days and it took 2 weeks. Annoying but not a big deal. Then I opened up the package and realised the mechanism was broken, I submitted a warranty claim on 3/10. Since then I've called them twice and I went there twice, they said they've been waiting for the supplier and I have to chase it up with head office because they know NOTHING! Today I spent 20 minutes on hold with the head office who also told me they know nothing so I should call West Melbourne. Management there tried to tell me it's the supplier's fault, that they have my contact details and he'll call me tomorrow - 25 days later?!??!

I was thinking of buying a camera from their store, obviously I'm better off going to any other store out there except CPL.

Approximate cost: $320

27 Oct 2016

Rubbish service. If you need computer parts, try some of the other places like pccase gear. I ordered some basic stuff a week ago, and they were supposed to deliver it in a day or two. Never happened. I am constantly calling them to find out the status, and am given the run around. I finally went there in person, and they said we had to pay AGAIN otherwise they couldn't release the items. I really wish I never clicked on their website. most other places gives you way better service. Take my advice and stay clear of these guys

06 Oct 2016

Bought latop for $1600 online. Next week say they don't have it in stock and can't get it. I ask for a refund ASAP. They offer me another laptop. I refuse and demand refund ASAP. 4 days later no money. I ring up they haven't even started the process for a refund and have overlooked my case altogether.
Shocking company. Raised a complaint with consumer affairs. DO NOT IGNORE THIS WARNING. 138 reviews on another site most with the same issues.

Approximate cost: $1600

22 Apr 2015

CPL was a decent store about 20 years ago. It has unfortunately become very unseemly and dishonest in its dealings with customers. Long ago, it was a superior chain to MSY ... but how things have changed. CPL's prices are very high relative to other Asian computer hardware sellers and their service and integrity scores a zero. Avoid.

Approximate cost: $100

10 Apr 2014

If you know what you want, CPL is a fantastic place to buy - it has EVERYTHING you need at the CHEAPEST price.

If you don't know what you want, one of the staff members (Stephen) who usually services is EXTREMELY helpful. Probably too helpful in fact as it can get frustrating waiting while he helps a non-technical person order a whole PC and they ask everything about everything.

So please... know what you want before you come.

The bad...
Prepare to wait. A LONG time. It usually takes 5-10 minutes waiting in line, plus about 10-15 minutes to get your item after you've paid. If you have a complication (eg. realise you got the wrong item immediately as you receive it) prepare to be around here for an hour. Nothing happens quickly here.

What would make this business better?
If some of the staff wandering around would actually help out and serve!!!

16 Jul 2013

This store is fairly busy it is mainly because you only find one or staff on the counter serving. Sometimes you have to wait for nearly 30 mins to get serviced. Also staff not that helpful. You need to know exactly what you want before going to buy anything. Prices are cheap but you can find stores that have the same price but offer better service.

20 Jun 2013

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with CPL, they always have stock of items and have good range and prices.

However if you want to return something, even with a valid reason, pretty much forget about it. I purchased a motherboard a while ago, that turned out to be faulty, brought it back the next day and they refused to swap it over because they found thermal paste the size of a pin head on the board and would only then warranty it for me, this is not the first time i have had issues like this either.

Stew 06 Sep 2013 · 100% Trust

It is a sad indictment on a company when they have not improved their highly questionable behaviour in over 5 years. I will never, ever enter CPL's door again and encourage others to do the same. In the words of another reviewer, this company stinks.

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