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22 Sep 2016

I had several phone calls and two visits to the Macaulay Rd site and dealt mainly with Mark after an accident in WA, with the car being trucked to Melbourne. I was very happy with the way I was treated and was particularly happy with the quality of the advice given. The car was eventually written off, but I was grateful for the amount of time spent with me in working through the process. Chris Johnston, Geelong.

21 Jan 2016

Completely unprofessional! Initial repair took 10 days; completely excessive given the work required. Was told car would be ready to pick up, when I arrived found it was another car of the same make/model that was ready, not mine. Had to take my car back 4 times to have problems fixed: door rattle, central locking not working, electric window function not working, paint colour not matched correctly. Car was provided to me in terrible state, glue left on steering wheel, paint smudges, etc. Was patronised and spoken to like I was a poor little woman who didn't know how to drive. When the insurance company organised for a courtesy car on my 5th visit, I was told by the company's employee they had a Nissan Micra and that would a suitable car for a lady like me, that it was a small car so I shouldn't have any problem parking it, and that I should take the time to get familiar with the controls. Are you serious? I've been driving for 15+ years, I drive a Honda Accord Euro, 6 speed manual. Would they have spoken that way to a man? I think not!

16 Feb 2012

Very happy with the work they did on my poor car after it's bingle. Very professional team and I felt really looked after - not patronised as a woman - which happens! Everything was done well and on time. Recommended

16 Jun 2011

They have fixed our cars over the years and the repairs are first class. Other places paint jobs deteriorate with time. If you keep your cars for a long time then these guys will restore the car to as new condition. If you are a mum they make things quite stress free. I won't go anywhere else.

09 Dec 2009

After my wife was unfortunate enough to have someone sideswipe her, we were recommended Correct Accident Repairs by Melbourne City Lexus.

They are a very professional and impressive operation - panel beaters have certainly come a long way since I last needed one!

All we had to do was book the car in – they dealt with our insurance company directly – no fuss. When we dropped it off, they told us when it would be ready, and called us that morning to confirm what time we could pick it up.

We were blown away by their work – our car looked better than it had before the crash, they even touched up a few scratches and chips that had been picked up from car parks over the years.

Overall, we found them very considerate and professional when dealing with both me and my wife. They certainly turned what we were expecting to be a very stressful ordeal into a relatively easy process – we would absolutely recommend them.

Approximate cost: $NA - Insurance Paid

20 Sep 2007

Was recommended by a family member, they were very helpful, and friendly, and very professional, in dealing with the customer. They did what they said they were going to do, and did it well, and on time.

Han 26 Jan 2009 · 0% Trust

Cant help but to think this entry was put in by the owners of Correct Accident Repairs to try save some face and name after the above post. LOL. Why do i say this?? "in dealing with THE CUSTOMER". If it were a true person, i believe they would have wrote something like 'i was treated really nice etc etc'.
Alot of post on this site sounds fishy but this one kills it.

17 Sep 2007

Due to the fantastic service from this place, I have referred family and friends. OUr car was badly damaged in an accident, we chose Correct Accident Repairs as we had them do some great quality work on a previous car. They were empathetic to our position, thorough and the follow up has been consistent to ensure we are still happy with the work undertaken.

Han 26 Jan 2009 · 0% Trust

This again is the owner of Correct Accident Repairs. Sounds too much like a late night Danoz direct paid to say it seller on tv. Your describing too much and lifting the business to God like status. Its too fake, especially the last part about the consistent follow up to ensure customers are happy. Please!!! You would ask if the customer was happy when they picked up the car, not a few days later. This is because anything can happen while outside the workshop and the panel beater can easily shift the blame, saying things like 'it wasn't like that when the car was here'. This attempt to save face is more pathetic then the first one, the one above lol.

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