11 reviews about Cotton On Clothing

10 Jan 2011

They fade in time and shrink too
But with the right care it's alright

This store has alot of younger employees and tend to talk amongst themselves before attending their customers

The prices are actually pretty good

Once the employees gain the experience and set their work and personal priorities apart the company will beuxh better off

28 Oct 2010

I like having a look in Cotton On if I'm in a shopping center, I would like if they improved there online store. The service Isn't the best they could improve. The clothes are not bad although it would be good if they had more sizes.

12 Oct 2010

Quality kids clothing at cheap prices. They always have sale on. Shirts for $5 especially. Creative designs and quality fabric.

14 Jul 2010

A good range of clothing, however sometimes there are too many clothes on the racks making it hard to view some of the clothes/sizes. Overall good store to shop in.

14 Apr 2010

i have bought a large number of tees and jackets from cotton on..its a very convenient shop and you can buy good quality cloth at a very reasonable price..moreover they have good music and nice staff..

22 Mar 2010

The prices are great, why go spend $45 on a top when you can go to Cotton and get the same thing for $20. The staff are always friendly and they keep themselves busy by either folding and neatening the racks or helping customers.

26 Nov 2009

Good shop to look for basics like singlets and tees. Staff are usually very nice and quick to help. Prices are good and specials are on almost all the time for basics.

06 Jul 2009

the staff were friendly,complimentry to the outfits i tried on and helpful. i was left alone to browse which i prefer, but there were staff readily available to help when i needed it.

Approximate cost: $100

19 Jun 2009

Great clothes, reasonable prices, new designs. Lots of great clothes for kids (cotton on kids) and adults (cotton on). Comfortable material. Casual clothes for weekends.

12 Nov 2008

such a cool range of clothes for the 28 year old ages and younger of course. love all the clothes however far to expensive. its a shame im sure more people would purchase these products as they are always keeping up with the fashion

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