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11 Feb 2020

Once again, delivery card advising "pop-shop" pick up next day, no pin number provided.

Pop shop cannot open locker, and parcel not tracked anywhere, no one can help.

Pop shop staff says "I bet they have no idea where your parcel is - happens all the time with this company"

Another day wasted.

A plea to businesses out there - please spare your customers the irritation of having goods delivered by this company. I suspect the reason you use them is because they are cheap, but all they do is alienate the customer away from your business.

18 Jan 2020

A large package coming from Sydney to Hobart was not received within the guaranteed time. Customer service agents were ignorant and unhelpful. Company blatantly lied to me and used delaying tactics as they were unable to locate the package. 4 days after scheduled delivery date the package has still not arrived and the Courier still has not located it! What a joke! Do not use this company if you want a reliable service!

13 Dec 2019

Worst service ever! Order is over a month late and most probably missing but instead of admitting that, they’ve been investigating for two weeks by “coordinating with the relevant department”. Can’t believe I paid for such incompetence!

Approximate cost: $110

19 Nov 2019

Couriers Please on the Gold Coast threw taxation paperwork away rather than deliver and then falsified their record to show delivered.

When a query was raised the list of false scenarios were offered by the driver via the company.

The company did not follow up or through, no calls or emails are made and remains unresolved, this has been ongoing since August 2019.

The driver has not advised what was actually done with the large envelope of taxation paperwork. The company will not release the identity of the franchisee owner or the driver.

Shame that it tarnishes our local great Couriers Please franchisee and driver when the company does not hold their franchises to any legal or moral standards.

02 Sep 2019

Definitely would not advise shipping with this company. Driver did not knock or ring bell simply left a slip to collect at my local 7-11 with little instruction of how to do so. Called the help line and was informed I needed to call a different line to get a 4 digit pin to collect the package, this did not work either. Called back was informed I had to use a different number and my ID, went back with this number and ID and was still told I wasn't able to get my package.

07 Dec 2018

I do not recommend this business. They don't even attempt to deliver, just drop stuff straight to the pick up depot. No accountability. Do not use. I will not be buying from anywhere that uses courier please

leroyl155 23 Jul 2019 · 70% Trust

Umm, well actually we do attempt delivery. No we don't just drop it off you goose. Lol

15 Nov 2018

Not once but twice this week we have had goods returned to sender address unknown ... explanation was that the address was not on the driver's GPS!
New building -- and the number 266 displayed prominently in meter high digits in the front of the building, and immediately adjacent to an older building 222-224 whose address has been on GPS forever!
Plain incompetence and / or laziness.
Then they handed the problem back to the booking company - took ZERO responsibility themselves.
Trouble is when ordering on line one doesn't usually get the choice.
(I gave one star only because zero was not an option)

09 Nov 2018

1. Multiple alleged deliveries with no card left.

2. Took 3 days of work as delivery tracker said would be delivered those days. No delivery attempt was made.

I complained and was told delivery would be made on a day that was in. On that day I looked at the tracker which said it was left at the depot and no delivery would be made. I was told on the phone to go and pick it up.

Approximate cost: $1

08 Apr 2018

No, I would not recommend this business
Re: order number CPAYJRZ2014597
Would not re-deliver parcel from Harvey Norman Online in spite of more than 2 re-deliver requests. After 10 days, I drove 25 minutes from Hillside to their depot in Truganena...should have bought it directly from store in Broadmeadows 30 minutes away, where the parcel came from.
I have send a complaint to Consumer Affairs.

25 Jan 2018

worst courier service there is constantly lose parcels then if cost of package was under 100 dollars they just say bad luck no course of action you can take rude operators pathetic service

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