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02 Sep 2019

Definitely would not advise shipping with this company. Driver did not knock or ring bell simply left a slip to collect at my local 7-11 with little instruction of how to do so. Called the help line and was informed I needed to call a different line to get a 4 digit pin to collect the package, this did not work either. Called back was informed I had to use a different number and my ID, went back with this number and ID and was still told I wasn't able to get my package.

07 Dec 2018

I do not recommend this business. They don't even attempt to deliver, just drop stuff straight to the pick up depot. No accountability. Do not use. I will not be buying from anywhere that uses courier please

leroyl155 23 Jul 2019 · 70% Trust

Umm, well actually we do attempt delivery. No we don't just drop it off you goose. Lol

15 Nov 2018

Not once but twice this week we have had goods returned to sender address unknown ... explanation was that the address was not on the driver's GPS!
New building -- and the number 266 displayed prominently in meter high digits in the front of the building, and immediately adjacent to an older building 222-224 whose address has been on GPS forever!
Plain incompetence and / or laziness.
Then they handed the problem back to the booking company - took ZERO responsibility themselves.
Trouble is when ordering on line one doesn't usually get the choice.
(I gave one star only because zero was not an option)

09 Nov 2018

1. Multiple alleged deliveries with no card left.

2. Took 3 days of work as delivery tracker said would be delivered those days. No delivery attempt was made.

I complained and was told delivery would be made on a day that was in. On that day I looked at the tracker which said it was left at the depot and no delivery would be made. I was told on the phone to go and pick it up.

Approximate cost: $1

08 Apr 2018

No, I would not recommend this business
Re: order number CPAYJRZ2014597
Would not re-deliver parcel from Harvey Norman Online in spite of more than 2 re-deliver requests. After 10 days, I drove 25 minutes from Hillside to their depot in Truganena...should have bought it directly from store in Broadmeadows 30 minutes away, where the parcel came from.
I have send a complaint to Consumer Affairs.

25 Jan 2018

worst courier service there is constantly lose parcels then if cost of package was under 100 dollars they just say bad luck no course of action you can take rude operators pathetic service

25 Jan 2018

One word to describe - Mad
They sent my parcel to a different address, nobody was at home in that household, they left a card, sound good. The household guy checked the details and called me to pick up the card from him, luckily it was only a short distance.
I submitted a redelivery request in courersplease website, next day it was delivered to another WRONG address. I can understand human mistake, but not TWICE. Luckily both people are good people, they housewife in send household sent the parcel back to me!
No way, I want to deal with these guys again.

10 Jan 2018


Received a missed delivery notice. Called up and organised for collection as i was about to go to Bali, and would not have time to wait for redelivery. Was told to wait for a message - but that i could pick it up later that day. Message never came.
Next afternoon after waiting on hold for another 20 minutes, I was told I would receive a pickup message again same day. Instead i received a message there was another failed delivery attempt. (no card though, pretty sure was a system error).

I then flew overseas.

When i returned i had another parcel to organise redelivery for through couriers please. I called up, spent 20 minutes on the phone. Asked if i could get both parcels re-delivered together. Was told yes and would receive them later that day. Also told i would receive a call. DID NOT.

Next morning (Tuesday), called again (another wait) was told it would be instead delivered that day. 2nd parcel was, not first. Called again. Told first parcel still ready for collection.

Today (Wednesday) i went to pick up parcel on lunch break. A 40 minute drive later, I press the buzzer repeatedly. No one comes to the door for 10 minutes until i started knocking loudly. Then I received a rude man who informs me my parcel has been returned to sender YESTERDAY. He was very unhelpful and about as incompetent as everyone else ive dealt with there.

19 Dec 2017

I don't know why vendors use this company. Completely useless. Why cannot people contact you? HOW? I need a phone number (that works) I want to speak to a human. I know it's busy and stressful, but it is for everyone else too.

I was sent a message stating that delivery will occur on the 18th? no delivery yet... no way to contact you....

How am I supposed to find out what is going on, when I cannot communicate with you? SO RIDICULOUS!

17 Nov 2017

My suspicion is they use freelance independent drivers - not ‘employed’ hence there is no formal contract to perform or deliver a level of service.
I had a delivery expected, but on,y received a con number *after* they failed to deliver. Then called for redlivery or pickup - they had no idea who, where or when the parcel could be rerouted.
I offered to go to their ‘depot’, but apparently that’s unmanned... (a post box??)
I have a customer care reference number, but they couldn’t find that either...

Apparently they’re going to attempt a redelivery today - but i’m not hopeful. The only other choice (if they actually found the parcel) was to return to sender, then try sending again (!) at extra cost to me.

Maybe that’s their income strategy while I put off other appointments, or perhaps they’re run by the government - they’re certainly inefficient enough.

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