8 reviews about Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar

17 Nov 2015

I am delighted every time we order for a Crust pizza or salad. My daughter is a fan of Crust pizzas just because they are so yummy. We have tried several pizza joints including the commercial ones but nothing like Crust...the BEST. The staffs I have encountered during home delivery or pickup at Subiaco WA and Innaloo WA are very nice. I recommend everyone about Crust as we were also recommended by someone and since then we love Crust only and no other Pizza.

Approximate cost: $25

14 Feb 2013

The pizzas served today were extremely tasty and well cooked. The waitress was super helpful and friendly. The lunch time special is good value compared with the normal prices, but it is gourmet after all (small pizza & free drink = $13 for the lunch time menu.

Approximate cost: $25

johnny5ive 15 Feb 2013 · 100% Trust


26 Jan 2013

I always get great pizza and desserts from Crust. Have only ever gotten pizza delivered before but decided to eat in. My order was taken quickly and the pizza came not long after. I ordered a small meatball but got a small meatlovers-type pizza by mistake. The waiter profusely apologised for his mistake and offered to replace it with what I had ordered. I told him that it wasn't a problem and I was happy to take the pizza given.

When I went to pay, he only charged for pizza and not the lemon lime bitters I also ordered.

Despite the mistake I was still happy with the food and service, and this won't stop me from ordering from here in the future.

24 Mar 2010

We usually get their takeaway, but not often. I find it very expensive for what you get, and the quality doesn't really justify it. I think they have a corner in the market called "healthy pizza" and are milking it for all it is worth! On the whole, I can do better myself at home, although the gluten free option is worth knowing about.

Approximate cost: $20

22 Jan 2010

yumbo jumbo! fantastic variety to choose from- and all seems pretty healthy options for take away. great fast delivery to the local area and the gluten free pizza bases taste as good as normal ones! a must for a hungover day or cant be bothered cooking day!

Approximate cost: $20

19 Aug 2009

This is the only Crust with restaurant seatings. The deco is very stylish and modern. There are so many choices on the menu, not just pizza. Everything is well presented and delicious. The pizzas are great. The salt and pepper calamari and chocolate calzone are great. This proves that this is not just any pizza joint. This is a restaurant! The staffs are friendly. They even made me a special Ice Mocha which is not on the menu. Definitely recommended for everyone!

Approximate cost: $15

23 Nov 2007

We've only ever had take away from Crust and the pizza is quite good usually. That said, its not always the most consistent (ie, sometimes you get a heap of toppings, sometimes it looks like they ran out of cheese or something; sometimes over cooked, sometimes perfect). A great menu though and on a good night, its definitely worth giving these guys a try.

Approximate cost: $20

06 Aug 2007

I once loved Crust pizzas. They have fantastic toppings and are generally a cut above the average pizza delivery place. Then I became gluten intolerant and was so happy to find that they made gluten free pizzas. However, they should have mentioned that they only have gluten free BASES with their staff not mentioning whether the toppings selected are full of gluten or not. On top of this, the allergen information provided was directly contradicted by the information provided by staff.

Approximate cost: $12

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