7 reviews about Da Salvatore Pizza Al Metro

24 Sep 2012

Had this pizza when I was a kid (about 12 or so years ago) and loved it. My parents thought it closed down, but I found it again last year and have been a couple of times since. You can order a meter of pizza (or less if so inclined) and they'll lay the entire slab of pizza out on your table. Definitely worth a try for the taste, but if nothing else, for the novelty!

25 Jul 2012

Truly its one of the yummiest pizza places I have dined at!

The ingredients and flavours were perfect and the pizza base was just the right texture, not too thick or thin

Service was great, very friendly and efficient

#711 in Melbourne VIC
337 reviews · 100% trust · 39525 points
22 Jun 2012

One of the best pizzas I've ever eaten in Melbourne. After eating the "real" pizza I never wanted to go anywhere near dominos or pizza hut. The crust is thick and rustic-just the way I like it. My favorite is the margarita- simple yet delicious and highlight the amazing tasting crust.

19 Jun 2010

Went for a family dinner (x3). Nice ambient. Service was slow.
Prices were higher than Pino Papa and quality was not better. Serving portions were smaller too.
The only attraction was to try their rectangular pizza that goes by 10cm, 50cm or 100cm.
This wasn't that spectacular as well

Approximate cost: $18

15 Aug 2009

Went here for the first time recently! this is my new favourite pizza place. Pizza's by the METRE! You can get pizza in 20cm, 50cm, or 1m. On the 1m pizza, pick 4 different types. Great for sharing with a few friends. A favourite is the ortalana (roasted vegetables)! also grab 1/2 house red wine for $6!

Approximate cost: $44 for a metre of pizza

07 May 2009

This is a true family business-the whole family works there, Dad and son in the kitchen and Mum and daughters front of house, with the occasional non family member in addition to this. The name of the restaurant means the hunter and this theme is reflected in the decor with paintings of hunting and hunting paraphenalia on the walls, and in the menu with a range of game dishes offered in the very extensive menu. The other specialty of this restaurant is pizza by the metre, and the pizza comes out on long rectangular metal trays. The pizza is outstanding and trully different to the run of the mill pizza you find everywhere in Melbourne, with delicious toppings and crisp bases. The quality of the other food is also good and there are often some very interesting specials. The style of cooking is traditional, with no trendy dishes here. The service is efficient and can be a bit idiosyncratic, which adds to the charm of the place!

09 Mar 2008

We went on a busy Saturday night so the service wasn't very good. Basic things like water on our table was overlooked and wait staff walked off in the middle of taking orders. The food was a bit hit and miss with some meals of a few low standard, but others were okay. Some of the meals had far too much salt added to them.

Approximate cost: $12-30

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