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24 Mar 2016

ive given the peking duck a try It was great! The portion is huge for two people! The chef even sliced up the duck infront of you. Amazing!

16 Sep 2013

We ate lunch here over the weekend, and loved the food. I could have eaten three plates of the duck, to be honest, but we also ordered xiaolongbao and dumplings. Would have been nice to be provided with small bowls for the xiaolongbao, but I can live with that! It's definitely a quieter, cleaner restaurant than most in Chinatown, which hubby preferred.

23 Aug 2010

Went with friends and had the Duck Banquet ~$34 per head. This is definitely the best value duck dinner I've ever had and we all agreed we'd go back for more. Just a warning: one banquet is for 2 people - you get a whole duck - so if you order 2 banquets (i.e. for 4 people) you'll get 2 whole Peking ducks! While it is very good, 2 Peking ducks for 4 is A LOT of food. Take away is an option though :) BYO handy for a cheaper night out.

Approximate cost: $34

15 Jul 2009

I go there to have lunch regularly -- not dinner
Their lunch is good in quality and worth for value (Range from $6-$9).

The noodles are quit good and dishes are cooked separately.
A very quiet and clean place unlike other noisy and dirty restaurant near by at the lunch time.

Approximate cost: $7-$9

04 Jul 2009

I love this place! I went to melbourne recently and decided randomly to have dinner here. We thought to giving peking duck a go! It was great! The portion is huge for two people! The chef even sliced up the duck infront of you. Amazing! The price was not that expensive and service was great and fast!

Approximate cost: $15-20

24 Jan 2008

We regularly go to Dahus for a Peking Duck feast. You do not have to preorder your duck as you do in some other restaurants and can order as many as you want (we have ordered up to at least 6 before), they are very a reasonable price and very very tasty.

They also have an EXTENSIVE menu including some more exotic dishes including crocodile etc. Due to the variety, some dishes can be plain but other dishes are well worth it including the twice cooked pork shanghai style and salt & pepper squid.

The decor is pretty plain and a little tired, as are the staff. However we do not go here for either of these things as the duck allows us to look past it.

It is BYO wine and they tend to turn the other eye when bringing beer. Great place for a group bookings as well as smaller numbers.

Approximate cost: $15- $25

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