Dandenong Veterinary Hospital

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5 reviews about Dandenong Veterinary Hospital

22 Nov 2015

very nice, caring and happy to help, had to go in for a minor issue but they were so helpful. will go back here for sure

22 Apr 2013

My family and I have used this veterinary hospital on and off for several years, and despite trying other clinics, we always end up coming back to the DVH! The quality of care and the customer service (for both animals and their owners!) is exceptional! I have visited the clinic with cats and dogs, as well as animals considered "exotic" such as bunnies, birds, and more.

There are several nurses, receptionists, and veterinarians on hand at the clinic, all of who are exceptionally skilled and professional in their work.
The clinic has great opening hours, including "after hours" on weekdays (8 AM - 8 PM) and also fairly good hours on weekends (9 AM - 5 PM Saturday and 10 AM - 5 PM Sunday). When veterinarians are unavailable, excellent alternative 24/7 care details can be provided for emergency treatment.

While it is advisable to make an appointment, I have never had a problem booking in last minute where necessary, and I have also never had trouble in booking an appointment on the required time or day.

Veterinarians at this clinic also have some basic knowledge of animals considered exotic, however may recommend further exotic animal specialists in case of serious illness or injury. I have found their list of contacts in this case to be exceptional; I have only ever been referred to the best of the best.

Services such as grooming and puppy preschool are also offered.

Prices are average, but the quality and service provided are the best in town! I will continue to use their services and would recommend the clinic to anyone else looking for a friendly, passionate, and well trained veterinary clinic in the south eastern area!

Seaspray 23 Apr 2013 · 100% Trust

It's always good to know about somewhere you can take your "other" animals, such as rabbits, guinea pigs and even a budgie. Great review.

16 Jun 2010

This Vet is fantastic, even the building gives off the wow factor when you see it driving by. It's a large hospital with heaps of facilities and services including puppy school. My pets love coming to this clinic, the Nurse's are always so friendly and informative and the vets are great too. My kids always come along with me as they love to see the turtles and birds in reception :-) Highly recommend.

22 Mar 2010

The staff are so friendly, and have always answered all questions I have. Heaps of services eg: Montly newsletters, reminder emails when pets are due.

07 Mar 2010

I have recently changed vets to this clinic because it has 4 vets, 3 nurses, 2 nurse assistants and a couple of receptionists. There is always someone on hand during daylight hours to treat your animal. There after care service is exceptional

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