31 reviews about Ding Hao Chinese Restaurant

02 Nov 2016

They always say this one is good and I find it's generally right. What they offer is quite nice, but they need to offer more.
Stop bringing out the easy deep fried stuff and go back to the traditional steamed stuff.
I know it's a little bit harder, costly and time consuming to make, but it's just better!

30 Oct 2016

It is always a nice place to go when you want to enjoy some food and time with friends. Yum Cha is always the best in this restaurant

09 Oct 2016

I reviewed this business in 2012 and it is still my favorite place to eat. Decor getting a bit sad but it doesn't make any difference I love it. Some waiters at times can be a bit abrupt but the food is so good I put up with it. Friday nights are the busiest time and it can be hard to get a another drink.

16 Dec 2015

My wife and I were extremely disappointed with our dining experience here. The service was excruciatingly slow, our meals were bland, so much so that we requested some sauces to try and add flavour, it was a lost cause. A bit on the pricey side, not worth the money. We will not be returning or recommending.

turtledoves 21 Dec 2015 · 100% Trust

Thanks to your review I will not be visiting this restaurant. It is really frustrating when the service is slow. I have had many experiences when this has happened to me. It's unfortunate that the prices were high, due to the bad meal.

02 Aug 2015

This is one of the premiere yum cha spots in Adelaide. They have a standard menu but you'd never know it as everyone goes with the yum cha! I'm not a huge fan of the fried offerings (which is most things) but the kids love them. Their steamed bbq pork buns are lovely, as are the wontons.

Bobby123 16 Dec 2015 · 100% Trust

My wife and I had very disappointing experience here, won't be returning

13 Feb 2015

Sensational food. There's not a square centimetre in there without a table in it, and there's often a line. Never go a la carte - have the yum cha, wave after wave of delicious, well seasoned food. Booking is a good idea.

22 Mar 2014

People carry trays of the same thing around and around gets boring very quickly. It's not like we were there at a time outside of the stereotypical lunch period. I mean where were the steamed stuff??? You needed to order almost anything that wasn't repetitively carried around, but they didn't provide order sheets. And trying to flag down someone to help you was almost next to hard. But when you did something you ordered it was pretty decent.
Their saving grace was that they were below the average price but that is small consolation.

Approximate cost: $avg

ReecesCheckYaPieces 30 Jul 2014 · 0% Trust

Hi EdwardW, one is left to wonder whether the food being delivered (trays) are the less expensive options compared to the offering you must go out of your way to order? Despite your dissatisfaction with the service element, it sounds like a place we would be interested in trying. Thanks for another well written review! Regards, Reeces

02 Nov 2013

Very impressed with the food and the price, the salt and pepper eggplant was amazing, so too the Deep fired iceream we have for dessert, the staff were very efficient too

RedDwarf 03 Nov 2013 · 100% Trust

This restaurant sounds great, really enjoy deep fried ice-cream.

15 Mar 2013

Nice busy restaurant. We walked in and the whole place is very full only one table left. The tablecloth was stained quite badly and the table was uncomfortable squashed near another table so that the chairs were back to back. This is the only complaint I can make however.
Prices were fair, food was great quality, served quickly (despite the large number of people) and staff were polite and seemed happy to work there. I think I recognised which one was the boss and he looked to be quite friendly both with customers and staff.

Approximate cost: $16

sophie10 16 Mar 2013 · 100% Trust

Glad to know nothing has changed here! Going here tonight - haven't been in ages. I hope they still do bbc.

Zen23 27 Mar 2013 · 100% Trust

yeah, agree that the food here is nice =)

25 Feb 2013

The dim sum was quite nice. The place was quite tight, and they charge for ice!!! Nice family atmosphere. Very asian. The dishes themselves are pretty reasonable and good portions. The porridge is not great.

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