7 reviews about DJ City

17 Aug 2020

Great Store, Lots of fun toys, and staff are very helpful!

Approximate cost: $700

17 Jun 2020

Ordered stock kk the ago. Haven’t seen the order, a confirmation, can’t get through or get anything out of them. Yet they have my money. Plenty of real reviews all over the web about how shonky they are, but their own website is all 5 star reviews

Approximate cost: $500

17 Oct 2016

Shifty business, list items for sale on ebay at a good price and deliver cheaper, lower end completely different models that look like customer returns.
Refuse to pay return shipping or refund. They try dragging it out in the hope they get away with it.
Dangerous business practise for all involved. Names noted.

02 Jul 2015

Dj city is like no other. With excellent quality, perfectly valued with an affordable cost to provide you with wonderful music for any occasion you want

Approximate cost: $89

30 Apr 2012

I was not too impressed with the service here. I hired some speakers for my 21st, and when making the booking and picking them up, we specified that we wanted to plug an ipod into something, and hire a mic to do speeches.

They did not mention that we needed an attachment to plug in the ipod, and we had to contact a cousin to use his own equipment to get it to work. Then, the mic didn't work at all, which ruined the speeches as no one could hear a thing. When we returned them, we explained the mic didn't work, they didn't believe us until they tried it, and then simply took the $50 or so off the price for the faulty mic. Did not even apologize.

Yeah, wouldn't recommend. Try somewhere more professional.

10 Nov 2011

I purchased a portable PA system from this company with a 12 month warranty, it blew up within the first month, I sent it back they fixed it and then it blew again. After this second time I was told bad luck. After taking it to a company that fixes electronics they informed me that the systems electrical was only compatible for China and I was simply supplied with an Australian compatible power cord. The company refused any further dealings with myself and they also refused to cooperate with Dept of Fair Trade.

Approximate cost: $260

27 Aug 2007

I have purchased a few items from DJ City. They have good quality products at pretty reasonable prices but their customer service is average at best. I'd recommend them only if you knew what you were looking for!

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