5 reviews about Domayne

16 Aug 2016

I am extremely disappointed with the service and treatment I received after placing a very large order with you (DOMAYNE ALEXANDRIA). After being given in writing a specific timeframe for delivery I was then called and told this would not be met. When I asked to cancel my order as it is extremely important that I receive these items by a certain date I was told that if I cancel I would be charged an enormous cancellation fee. I would be charged this fee even though YOU were not fulfilling the terms YOU agreed to! This is deplorable customer service and extremely disappointing considering the amount of business I have given you. You can be certain I will never shop with you again and I wish to be contacted to have this matter dealt with properly.

22 Nov 2010

This store is a ghost town. There is never any customers in it. But it is full of idle salespeople just waiting to pounce on your hard-earned money with extremely over-priced and poor value items. I bought a pillow called "The Incredible Pillow by A H Beard" for $199, which was the cheapest item the bedding department had for sale. When I tried it at home, I found it to be hard as a rock and it smelt like foam. I rang them up to return it, but they refused any return,, exchange or refund. They also said it smelt that way because it was a latex pillow. All new to me. They referred me to A H Beard, who referred me back to Domayne again. It is now 2 weeks that I have been waiting for an answer from A H Beard. I will never buy from Domayne or A H Beard again. Never!

Approximate cost: $199

09 Jun 2010

its a very nice store for homewares, electrical,furniture,bathrooms, the price is little bit high but the service is really good, sometimes they have some good sale on though , so get ready to get some bargain.

Approximate cost: $300

23 Jul 2009

Lots of parking for the store. although the service aint too great and doesnt sell the prices advertised or sometimes it doesnt even exist. i am dissappointed because i didnt get what i needed and instead they told me to go elsewhere

28 May 2008

Advertises for a product in the lastest catalogue but when you go to the store, unfriendly and unhelpful staff tells you that it's not available in store yet.

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