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27 Aug 2015

My car had a nail in the front tyre and they fixed it in 25 minutes for $60 while I waited and had a free coffee in their warm and clean waiting room and read the free news papers and recent magazines. Very polite and efficient service. The reception guy was a bloke the workers were blokes and the atmosphere in the work shop was well blokey but I wasn't here to get a facial, my nails done or a massage I was here to get my tyre fixed which isn't an easy or clean job. Thanks again and I will recommend Donnellans Box Hill to my friends.

Approximate cost: $60

15 May 2015

I feel compelled to write a review following my recent contact with your staff.
I wish to compliment you all on your integrity,expertise and professional attitude.
My experience was excellent and therefore I have no hesitation in recommending your business to any-one looking for outstanding advice and service.

13 May 2013

We recently had two new tyres fitted to a Volvo XC60 and two new tyres fitted to a Mini Cooper S. The work was done on consecutive days with the XC60 first.

Though I found the experience fairly positive, there is an element of "cowboy" about the way these guys seems to work. I get the sense that they quote based on what they think you'll be prepared to pay. For example, when having the tyres for the Mini quoted over the phone, the figure I was given was $250 per tyre for a Dunlop Sport 01. When I went to pay, I was asked what I was quoted and charged accordingly! "Yep, that seems about right" was the response!

I was overcharged by $50 on the quoted price of the XC60 tyres but that was fixed without fuss the next day. For both cars, I chose to wait at the store for the work to be done and it was more or less within the quoted wait time (1.0-1.5 hours).

The waiting area is nice for a tyre store, with free Blue Pod (Lavazza) coffee available. Free wi-fi would be a great extra given the normal wait times are quite long but not long enough for you to leave and achieve something else.

The service was friendly if rushed. I'd have no issue going back to Donnellan's (for a start, the Euro brands they stock like Continental aren't readily stocked by the bigger tyre chains) but the main reason I would go back is that their prices were very competitive.

The prices below are for one Dunlop Sport 01 run flat tyre for a 17" rim.

Approximate cost: $250.00

Icy006 13 May 2013 · 100% Trust

Wow. That is an awesome review. Thanks

Icy006 14 May 2013 · 100% Trust

Thanks for the review!!!

29 Sep 2010

These guys seem to be exceedingly efficient at processing. But that's all they seem to do really. Process process process. If you already know exactly what you want they're probably really good. They're very busy so they obviously do a lot of business. But don't expect to wander in and have anything resembling a friendly and reasonably paced conversation with them. They just don't seem to have the time for it and that's exactly how they make you feel.

During my last visit to the Box Hill store I eventually put through an order for some alloys + some decent tyres. But after driving away and reflecting upon my experience I quickly realized that I just didn't feel good about any of it. Being a rather principled consumer I decided that I just couldn't reward such terrible customer service with my business. As soon as I arrived home I called them back to cancel the order. They didn't ask why and didn't really seem fussed about it. Later that afternoon I dropped my $1500 on a good deal somewhere else and feel a whole lot better about it.

Bottom line: Donnellans didn't care enough about my business to treat me like a customer, so they didn't get it. In the end I got the same rims and equally suitable tyres elsewhere, and for a better price.

Approximate cost: $0.00

25 May 2010

These guys know tires and were able to give me the best price in Melbourne on a set of commercial vehicle rubber for my work van. I had to get four other quotes for my boss and Donnellans were significantly better than the lowest of all the other big tyre retailers. The fitting and balancing was done quickly and I was back on the road inside an hour, I will be going back to them for my personal car soon.

Approximate cost: $1,000

28 Sep 2007

I didnt enjoy my experience with guys, they seem very shifty and its hard to bring your self to trust them. Some of the dealings dont seem to be in your favour, and the overall feel for this place is just plain no good, will not return. sorry

01 Aug 2007

After having spent over $350 per tyre ($1,400 just for tyres), I was expecting quality, expertise and value for money. When I took the car in to fit the tyres (Bridgestone Potenza S-03), the quality of service was poor and the job was very rushed. In just a couple of months, one of the rear tyres blew and I was extremely annoyed. After taking the tyre back to Donnellans, they insisted that it was my fault, even though I take consistent and careful care of my cars. I explained this to them and they said to take the tyre to Bridgeston, which I did. One morning I made time to visit their HQ in Avalon and they indeed told me that the blowout was a manufactiring fault and that it would be repaired free of charge. All I had to do was take the tyre back to Donnellans and they would honour the warranty. I took the tyre back there and they said they would have a look at it and get back to me. After a week of no contact, I followed up and they said that they had lost the tyre and the paperwork and as such, I would still need to pay $175 for a new tyre, regardless of what Bridgestone had said (made up some lie that they too lost the paperwork). In the end I was so frustrated that I just paid the money, got the tyre, took it to another tyre place, traded it in (as it was near new) and bought a set of Falken tyres, which were a third of the cost and a better tyre.

Approximate cost: $1400

Mat 03 Aug 2007 · 85% Trust

Bridgestone should be disgusted to have such a dodgy business destroying such a good name... Shame on Donnellans!

TanL 08 Aug 2007 · 100% Trust

That's terrible! Thanks to this rating, I'll never use them.

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