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03 Jun 2014

Most people have a fear of dentists but when you have a PHOBIA of dentists it can effect your whole life in ways most people don't understand. My personal experience with dentists started when I was 12 & witnessed my younger brother being injured by a dentist to the point he had to have 7 stitches across his face, as you can imagine I NEVER wanted to sit in a dentist chair in fear that it could happen to me. Due to a small bus accident I suffered mouth/teeth injuries but I could not make myself face a dentist, even the thought of me sitting in a dentist chair brought me to tears & had me shaking uncontrollably to the point my GP prescribed Valium, but not even Valium could get me inside a dental surgery.
My poor oral hygiene & my phobia have left me with a mouth of missing, broken & rotten teeth. Now I'm almost 40 & constantly feel embarrassed & ashamed to the point I try not to open my mouth in front of anyone, not even my supportive, loving family.
I felt like I was ready to face my phobia & hopefully change my life. I did some research & came across Vogue Smiles Melbourne & Dr Castro's website. They seemed to understand that a 'fear' & 'phobia' were different so I fired off a email explaining my situation. Within hours the team at Vogue Smiles Melbourne had contacted me & proved that their website was not just a bunch of pictures & words, they were honest, caring & most importantly understanding of my phobia. I met with Dr Castro & her team and from that very first appointment I felt that Vogue Smiles Melbourne understood me & had my best interest at heart. I now have had several appointments with Dr Castro & can HONESTLY say she is changing my life 1 appointment at a time. Every step is explained to me, I feel supported & most importantly safe. I wish there were enough words for me to say thank you to Vogue Smiles Melbourne for the life changing experience, the care & support.
If you have a fear or phobia of dentist I would HIGHLY recommend Dr Castro. Your fears & concerns are taken serious from the first time you contact them.
I can not wait to have the smile I have dreamt of for years and marry the man I am very much in love with.
Without Dr Castro's help & support I would never have agreed to get married in fear of the horrible photos.
Again thank you Dr Castro & your whole time for your time, patience, understanding & the opportunity to change my life.

Always appreciate feedback like this. Thanks a lot Heleng41. If there is something fulfilling with my career is learning from appreciative patient like you the fact that I am in some ways I am an instrument in changing someones life through giving them a beautiful confident smile

08 Nov 2017

Why go to Asia or Europe to have your dental veneers. Here in our city of Melbourne you can find a reliable dentist Dr Zenaidy Castro. With her years of experience in customer satisfaction and her dedication to ‬achieve the correct dental veneer for you. The price was surprisingly competitive compared to Asia and Europe. I’ve known few people to have dental veneers done in Asia and Europe. The good thing about Zeny’s clinic is very handy to reach just hop off on Flinders station few steps and you are there. With her lovely receptionist to welcome you warmly . You can’t go wrong trusting and invest in our local skilled dental professionals like in Vouge Smiles Melbourne. Five stars quality!!!!

26 Oct 2017

Dr Castro is THE master of cosmetic dentistry. I couldn't be more thrilled with the results. My teeth were a challenge but not to her. I now have a lovely, bright natural smile for the first time in my life. It's taken years of my face and given me a great confidence boost that will transform my life. I won't be holding back from smiling anymore. This is the best investment i ever made!

20 Oct 2017

It was really good experience for me. I will suggest it to anyone without hesitation, especially if you have dental phobia. I think this is where Experience matters, Dr. Castro was so friendly and she knows how to handle patient with dental phobia with Nice music,Friendly talks along with best view of yarra river and job is done. :)

That was smoother than I thought.

02 Oct 2017

Friendly and helpful staff, Vivian is lovely. And Dr Carro is a brilliant dentist. Highly recommended if you are scared of going to the dentist. Garry

Approximate cost: $900

01 Oct 2017

Amazing dentist! I look forward to seeing my dentist everytime. I recommend this dentist highly to my friends and family.

29 Sep 2017

-Extremely pleasant staff
-Very thorough and professional approach
-Excellent patient care
-Great follow-up
-Affordable prices and easy finance options

31 Aug 2017

As a nervous patient, I was soon put at ease right from the off. Vivian at reception was amazing and this was carried through to Dr Castro who's personality shines through, Could not speak more highly about everybody @ Vogue Smile. No other dentist for me..

26 Oct 2016

I was on google searching for, "the best cosmetic dentist in Melbourne." At the top of my search list appeared 'Vogue smiles,' I decided to click on at take a look at the reviews. Whilst scrolling down all I saw was positive feedback. At that instance I called vogue smiles to arrange a consultation with Dr. Castro. I was greeted by the friendliest receptionist, Vivian who kept me informed and provided me with the needed information about the clinic and my procedures. Vivian then booked me a free consultation with Dr. Castro. Well, long story short, Dr. Castro infromed me about the options that I had, I was impressed, I booked my appointment. [redacted due to breach of AHPRA guidelines], and honestly I couldn't be happier!! I have recommended my friends and family, and I will defiantly be coming back. 11/10 for the Vogue Snile team.

Approximate cost: $900

15 Sep 2016

Completely blown away by Dr Zenaidy Castro! She's an Angel in disguise. Would definitely visit again.

Jim Salamanis

Thank you very much Jim. Enjoyed every minute of you relaxing massage. You are my favourite! ;-)

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