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192 reviews about DR ZENAIDY CASTRO Dentist Melbourne

25 Jan 2016

So happy with the wonderful work done by Dr Castro. Very professional and gentle. She gave me options that were suited for me that I was not aware of. When I saw my new beautiful smile, I cried. Thoroughly recommend her to family and friends. Bobby (in the office) was so charming and helpful keeping me notified with appointment times. Very happy with the experience

It was a huge pleasure for me serving a very sweet and appreciative patient like you Vivian. I normally don't like nor make my patient cry, but if it's crying due to happiness for your newly improved confident smile that I have achieved for you, yes, I would say, that's what I am always aiming with my cosmetic dentistry works and perhaps I will join you next time LOL

25 Jan 2016

Zenaidy is by far the best dentist I've been to, and I've been to plenty! She makes me feel extremely comfortable and that's not easy when im sitting in the dental chair. I highly recommend her and have even referred my mum in for dental work.
Great communication and fantastic work!

Thanks a lot Dan. Always been a pleasure being your dentist

20 Jan 2016

Best dentist I've ever seen.
Best doctor I've ever seen.
No patronizing nonsense.
Very efficient, yet patient.
Highly, highly recommended.
I will never go to anyone else.

21 Dec 2015

I love coming to Vogue Smiles, Best Dentist in Melbourne ever. Every time I come into the office, I feel very comfortable and at ease. The staff are always very nice and friendly.

21 Dec 2015

The best service I have received in the recent years. Dr Castro is not only professional, she is considerate and an excellent communicator. She informs her patients the procedures and shows X-rays when necessary. I absolutely recommend her.

21 Dec 2015

Staff is friendly and knows what they are doing. High quality service, all questions answered, and respectful of your top. Had a few old fillings redone in just 30 minutes.

Approximate cost: $300

10 Dec 2015

After having been to Dr Castro twice and another dentist after these visits I now know what a proper dentist is meant to be like. In my first consultation with Dr Castro I felt like another mouth on the conveyor belt, something I implied in my first review. In the first 15 minutes I was referred to an dental surgeon. Today I went to see a different dentist who spent the first 15 minutes of my initial appointment getting to know me, asking me questions finding out a lot about my teeth, my health and my mental state as bruxism has a lot to do with stress etc. after an hour I felt completely at ease at my new dentist something Dr Castro never made me feel. He also said he would never refer a patient to a surgeon unless it was an extremely serious problem. Her bill for 15 mins was $75 (free because I liked her Facebook page and shared it) and for my new dentist was $150 for an hour but was free on insurance and that included all the X-rays. Something you have to do before seeing dr Castro.
Honestly I am so pleased that I went to see a different dentist, a new dentist that does not offer a bottle of wine for a review. Even after my first review I had to tell them why I felt that I wasn't giving 5stars compared to all these other people. Dr Castro didn't strive to find out my issues during my second visit.
Anyway Is it just me? Maybe it is but I'm so glad because she did me a favor as I have now found an amazing dentist who seems to really care.

Approximate cost: $250

bobbyb846 11 Mar 2016 · 50% Trust

Thank you for sending another review of our practice. We appreciate the information about your personal experience from visiting our office. People click differently when it comes to other personalities, social aspects, and professional chemistry, especially when it comes to expectations of businesses. The first time you came to our practice, you were concerned about multiple-symptoms that are very complex. Besides what we were able to prepare for you, Dr. Castro feels that these complex symptoms are beyond her field of expertise. Therefore, she recommended that these complex symptoms would be better served by a specialist. Beyond that, Dr. Castro does not feel comfortable intrusively prying any further into personal life beyond what you had already discussed. We are truly sorry that we did not meet your expectations as this experience is not indicative of how we build relationships in our business. Dr. Castro feels uncomfortable in prying or talking extensively in detail about any patient's mental state, which as per your review, it appears that you greatly appreciated that the other practice is doing just that and chatting with you for an hour, getting to know you and your mental state. She feels that there are other fields that better service this condition.
Regarding the reviews, we are very appreciative of anything that our customers do for our business. Several businesses show their appreciation in different ways. It is a basic business courtesy practice here in Australia to give something in return to clients, such as movie tickets, sporting passes, frequent flier points, dinners, and gift cards in return for business referrals, returned business, or reviews. We wanted to show you that we are truly appreciative of the sharing of your experience, which is a very limited as there was not enough time to really get to know us and our practice in only two short appointments. The first review accomplished plenty, and in response I wanted to know what we could do better to serve you and meet your expectations. If there is something that we missed, we would like to learn from that experience. Dr. Castro is not concerned that we did not receive a 5star rating as we don't expect everyone to have the same experiences.
We only wish you health and happiness, and we are very happy that you have found someone to fit your service expectations.
Kindest regards,
Practice Manager, Vogue Smiles Melbourne

24 Nov 2015

Fast and friendly service. Minimal waiting time and all issues explained throughly. Would def recommend if your in need of a dental procedure.

19 Nov 2015

I have had a morbid fear of dentists for years.
First appointment with Dr Castro was a painfree filling. Currently sitting waiting for my second!
I chose Dr Castro largely because of the reviews on this site. I'd have no hesitation in recommending Dr Castro to anyone else who hasn't been to the dentist for a while because of their previous fears. Youll be well looked after!

05 Nov 2015

I received fantastic dental treatment from ultra friendly and knowledgeable staff. I appreciated that Dr Castro took the time to discuss my options and I ended up getting exactly what I wanted.

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