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27 Aug 2018

Neil is an excellent instructor. I went along for the first lesson and saw how well he built trust, confidence and a rapport with my son who has some difficulties with communication. He was also very good in letting me know when my son was ready to go out in our own car. Before lessons he was very nervous about driving but is now enjoying learning and can't wait for his next lesson.

28 Apr 2018

Neil is a wonderful instructor, he is very professional and has been very patient with my daughter. We are so happy that she finally got her “P “ a few days ago after two years of learning .
Many thanks to Neil who gave her the confidence and encouragement!

04 Apr 2018

Neil Cook is bloody awesome. He is patient, calm, honest and really cares about his students. He goes above and beyond to ensure he gives his absolute best to instruct and provides an exceptional service. He has the ability to make you feel calm and confident. I would highly recommend him as a driving instructor. He is not only a wonderful instructor but is genuinely interested in you as a person and has a lovely, calm and friendly personality. Thank you Neil we could not have done this without you xx

12 Mar 2018

I have nothing but compliments and thanks for Neil! For anyone looking for a calm, accommodating and experienced instructor, Neil is the one for you! I had a number of lessons with him and each time I felt more and more confident and aware on the road. Neil is very easy to talk to and offers a lot of advice on not only driving itself, but how to be a safe and defensive driver beyond passing the test. The many things I learnt from Neil will stick with me for a long time!

07 Feb 2018

Neil is a great instructor who genuinely cares for his students and is passionate about what he does. He is definitely the go to instructor if you want to start to learn driving or even to improve your driving skills

Drive Redlands 08 Feb 2018

Thank you James, much appreciated. Stay safe on the roads!

31 Jan 2018

We had never met Neil until the day of my daughters driving test. He took her for an hours lesson to prepare, and was brilliant! He put her at ease and she said he was the best by far of any others. He was also great with a nervous Mum! Heartfelt thanks to Neil for getting us through this milestone with cheerfulness and professionalism!

Drive Redlands 31 Jan 2018

Many thanks Louise, it was an absolute pleasure being able to help Jamie

18 Jan 2018

Neil is a friendly, warm, polite and a helpful instructor. He is an instructor that allows his students to feel comfortable and confident when on the road and also makes learning to drive very enjoyable :) . His explanations on everything is very clear allowing his students to understand what he is saying. Having Neil as my driving instructor has allowed me to gain confidence in myself and has also allowed me to perform extremely well on my exam, passing my exam first go ‘perfectly’ with no errors at all! I highly recommend Neil as a trainer to everyone.

Drive Redlands 20 Jan 2018

Thank you Eloise, stay safe on the roads

09 Jan 2018

I highly recommend Neil Cook to other parents looking for a friendly,knowledgeable driving instructor who also gives great feedback and commonsense road advise to your Learner. My son had lessons every month or two to introduce new skills and support his driving/road sense and prepare for the test (which he passed 1st time and was complimented by the tester on his skills). Neil's website is great for booking ahead and he was always punctual .We have recommended him to others. Highly recommend .

Drive Redlands 20 Jan 2018

Thank you Robyn, I KNOW Ollie will be safe as houses

14 Oct 2017

Nothing needs to be done better. Neil was a great trainer who ha a lot of time for me. He didn't only just teach me to pass the test, he taught me how to be a great driver. He was never late and was always keen for a chat. I enjoyed having Neil as a trainer and I would highly recommend him to others

Drive Redlands 20 Jan 2018

Thanks Georgie, I miss our sessions. Stay safe

10 Jun 2015

Neil taught me to drive some time ago, before he was actually a professional driving instructor. I pinned him between two cars once. You might think that this would put someone off the whole driving instructor gig.. but it didn't. His passion for being a good driver and teaching others how to be good and safe drivers is such that even this minor mishap could not dissuade him.
It took me a long time to get around to learning to drive (I was 21 when I got my license) because of past car accidents that made me really nervous. As a naturally anxious person who doesn't always respond well to pressure, I was expecting to have to take the practical test quite a few times. I got my license on my first attempt, partly because I'm awesome and partly because of the way that Neil taught me that it's important to be confident in my driving choices. Other drivers on the road will notice if you are hesitant and they will take advantage of this, and you will get nowhere. Literally. Even now, I hate changing lanes in traffic, no one wants to let you in even when you're indicating. When that's happening, I hear Neil telling me, "If you want to change lanes, YOU need to make it happen. MAKE them let you in." So I do.
I hear in my head echoes of things he taught me all the time:
"Slow down BEFORE you get to the bend so that you're not braking as you're going around it."
"Move your hands on the wheel so that they don't end up crossed over each other."
"Remember to indicate coming out of the roundabout as well as going in."
"The mirrors by themselves are not enough. Turn your head and your body to check for obstacles before you do something."
As you can see, he likes to talk a lot. I'm 34 now, and it's a long time since he was sitting beside me telling me those things. But the fact that I still hear him demonstrates that what he is teaching you are skills to make you a good and competent driver for the rest your life, not just for how long it takes to pass your test.

daynam2 05 Jul 2015 · 100% Trust

Sounds like a good business to attend to

daynam2 10 Jul 2015 · 100% Trust

hope you passed your test

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