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5 reviews about Drymaster Carpet Cleaning

15 Oct 2013

I had my leather sofa professionally cleaned by Drymaster Cleaning Services. It was an old yellow sofa I got from my grandmother. I never though Drymaster could make my sofa look like a brand new one. Now, all the dark spots and stubborn stains are gone and the color is lighter and more intense. Drymaster technicians were highly professional. New sofa from an old one - definitely worth every penny.

Approximate cost: $110

16 Jun 2014

Given a competitive estimate for carpet cleaning over the phone that the cleaner managed to increase to almost double on the day with extras not requested or desired. Regretting not getting an onsite quotation, would have gone with a different provider. Will not use a second time. Ripped off!

Approximate cost: $160

14 Dec 2013

I had 5 rooms plus hallway steam cleaned and extremely happy with the end result. The carpets have come up much better than i expected. Will definitely use again

Approximate cost: $218

15 Nov 2012

NOT impressed with Drymaster Carpet Cleaning. The technician for Doncaster East was rude, didn't do a good job and accused me of moving furniture to "uncover" a spot that he missed cleaning when I called him back about it (which I did not, it would have been physically impossible to do with the way the furniture is arranged). When I called up the franchise to lodge a complaint, the operator said that she will discuss it with her boss and someone will call me back with a resolution. No one did. 1 week later I called them back and she said that she'll need to talk to the technician for Doncaster East to hear his side of the story but didn't give me a reason for why no one called me back. She called back to say that he's done his best, I moved the furniture (basically calling me a liar) and that there's nothing they will do about it. I told them that I was not happy with the outcome, will not be using their franchise again and that I will let my friends know about my bad experience. She then proceeded to call me a nutjob and hung up on me. SERIOUSLY NOT IMPRESSED!

From Drymaster management; My response to you is the same response I left to you on True Local. There are 2 sides to every story and unfortunately you are not telling everything. Vince the technician called back to your premises a second time at our expense and addressed your concerns. We have offered to return to your premises a third time to rectify any concerns and you have refused our offer. We checked our telephone recordings and our customer service representative Lea did not call you a nut job. As I have said before we are happy to address any concerns regarding the service at your premises and you can contact us anytime to rectify this issue.

02 Oct 2010

They are Australia wide company, a franchisee. They are working in their own uniform what makes it very believable and respectful company. They've done at friend of mine place all services as carpet cleaning, sofa's cleaning, Leather Lounge Suite Cleaning.
It was a bit costy but has been done with a high quality.

Approximate cost: $120

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