23 reviews about Dunyazad Lebanese Restaurant

17 Feb 2017

Delicious food. Great banquet, they will bring out more of any of your favourite banquet dishes if you request. No extra charge. Great atmosphere with the belly dancers. Love the tabouli. Always felt the pita bread was average (not home made)

nalome 31 Aug 2018 · 100% Trust

I've been there once and was dazzled by the dancers too!

19 Apr 2016

This place is a real gem, the banquet is always the best option & it'll keep you going back for more. The quality of the food is fantastic & the atmosphere is too

11 Feb 2016

My family and I have returned to this restaurant again and again for many years. Walid and the staff are so hospitable and friendly and the restaurant decor is so authentic and traditional which takes you back to Lebanon!

Approximate cost: $50

03 Feb 2015

Good quality food. The staffs are friendly and helpful in helping us choosing the menu. I love the variety of menu, especially love the dips for our entree meal :) I have been taking few non-locals friends to dine here, so far everyone has been very impressed.

24 Oct 2014

Really great food here. The staff are very friendly and accommodating. The food is great quality and great tasting. We always must have our tabouleh and hummus with pita for our starters.

06 Feb 2013

My family and I have returned to this restaurant again and again for many years. The tastes are sensational and the atmosphere is great for low key dining. We usually get the banquet meal which is reasonably priced but you end up incredibly full.

Approximate cost: $30 -$40

MazB35 06 Feb 2013 · 100% Trust

Great to hear of this being a good restaurant. i have heard of it previously as I think it may be in the Entertainment book, thanks for sharing :)

12 Sep 2012

I once went for a taste testing meal at this Lebanese Restaurant. We paid a certain amount of dollars and got to eat a wide range of different Lebanese Food. It was very interesting and enjoyable.

30 May 2012

This is the best restaurant in Melbourne.. Do yourself a favor and try this place. Get a banquet... And bring a nice red wine.. Loosen your belt. This is where sheiks visiting from the middle east come to dine when in Melbourne.

Approximate cost: $30-40

11 Dec 2011


I have been going to Dunyazad for it must be near 20 years, same owner the whole time, it has always been one of my favourites..

The menu doesn't change much, that is true, but why mess with something that works...

03 Mar 2011

This place serves "nice" food but the menu hasn't been updated for a long time. The price of their skewers are too high and although quite tasty. The place is extremely noisy which is annoying

Approximate cost: $15

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